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  1. Fake news give it to CNN to report.
  2. That's correct. they reinstated there currency to the value it was before the invasion.
  3. At that rate it would be about 180,000 Dina that was turned in.
  4. .10 would make me happy.
  5. He wants to be another another Luigi.
  6. One can hope. I got in because of all the hipe years ago before I was informed. I can afford to lose my investment. That doesn't mean I want to.
  7. As much as I would like to see a RV I have to agree. I am in South Korea at this time and the rate today is about 1076 to the dollar. I would say that there economy is doing better than Iraq's and I don't hear them talking about an event or the L word. They have no problem with 50,000 won notes and don't by milk with a well barrow full of paper. Please don't take this post wrong. I would love to see an RV. I am just stating the facts as I see them.
  8. Also the Korean won is at about 1071 won to the dollar at this time and the ATM's have no problem spitting out 50,000 won note's. about 45 dollars U.S.
  9. I agree about the ATM program. I have been to Kuwait and UAE and at this time in South Korea and I have been able to get both local and US currency out of the ATM's, but as pointed out it does depend on the bank and system the ATM is connected to.
  10. I hate to burst your bubble but it is not pegged it floats. I just exchanged dollers to won today and got about 1130 to the doller. I have gotten more and less at times depending on the rate that day.
  11. rico1

    rumor I heard

    From your lips to God's ear. 😊
  12. rico1

    rumor I heard

    And there you have it. Another business is not listening to its customers. Respectfully Rico
  13. rico1

    rumor I heard

    You are correct and that is why i dont come to this site as much as i used to and have not spent any more money on it. I have voted with my wallet. You can deffend his bad behaviour but that doesn't stop it from being bad. V/r Rico
  14. rico1

    rumor I heard

    Yes there is alot of trash out ther. And this site used to be worth reading. But Adam is letting this guy crap all over this room even though he knows it irritates people. Sort of like eating dinner in nice restaraunt and there are kids running and jumping around and the restaurant does nothing about it then wounders where their costumers went. Jmho Rico
  15. I hate to be a killjoy. But, they didn't revalue their money they reinstituted the old money and if you had the new money printed by Iraq while they had control of Kuwait then that money was made valueless. am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but I believe that is what happened. Rico
  16. rico1

    rumor I heard

    Then why are you pumping?
  17. rico1

    rumor I heard

    He's a pumper for sure.
  18. I just heard a rumor that a three-letter agency is investigating Luigi1 for pumping. Remember this is just a rumor.
  19. I don't disagree with you I have even brought ove a rumor or two before. I think the issue is that he doesn't know when to stop. JMHO V/r Rico
  20. I think it because he like to get the neg's, why else would you put things up that you now your going to get a Ruby for and not an Emerald?
  21. Let's just say that it was in the 70's
  22. In fact mr. Nope you are only half right. $10,000 notes were used between Banks and $1,000 notes were in common circulation I actually was given one for my 18th birthday. it is only been in the recent past 1,000 dollar notes have been withdrawn from circulation due to drug use. Thousand dollar notes made it easier for drug money to be transferred then twenties and there's talk of actually removing the $100 banknote.
  23. at 3 at three times my investment I would have done better to put it in CDs.
  24. I think I think Luigi accidentally posted this in the wrong section.
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