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  1. He doesn't mention that the Korean won is only worth about a tenth of a penny also.
  2. actually this is the place for legitimate rumors but some people don't know what a legitimate rumor is. They just post what the pumpers push.
  3. What I would like to know is why does the emerald count for him show over 1400 but there are no rubies?
  4. Because they were just convicted in federal court this last week. Of paying GURUS to spread positive information on the IQD like it's on the banks screen in the back room waiting to be released. Or it's going to RV THIS WEEKED per high government officials that can't be named. And so on. I am sure there are people here that can think of a few more.
  5. One of the things that got them into trouble was paying people like Terry K and other gurus to pump the IQD. Are you listening Luigi? There are several good news articles on the internet about it. It is my understanding that Terry K rolled over on them. but I could be mistaken.
  6. Having worked in Afghanistan and now south Korea I can say that what people hear and read in the USA does not always jive with what you hear and see on the ground. Thank you for your post.
  7. It's called pumping. just like penny stocks. You have group of people that have shares and want to sell them at a premium. You spread disinformation so there is a demand and the can sell and make money. I don't understand how they can keep this up and not go to jail.
  8. I don't even treat it as a rumor. If it is from Luigi it's 💩
  9. probably for the same reason Luigi has to keep putting this crap in this section
  10. It is now the 22nd in South Korea.
  11. They need the lower denominations to make change for $25,000. 25000 is roughly the equivalent of $20 and so they need to make change for the $20. I am in South Korea at this time and they have 1000 won notes, 10000 won, notes and 50000 won notes. And they have coin in denominations of 100 and 500.
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