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  1. Thank you all so much... I hope you dont find me silly but I lost my dad a few years ago and he loved Melissa when I was in Highschool and I know he has her safe and is helping her in a better place. I wish I could of had one more day or even an hour to talk to her, the doctor said that the damage to her brain was to extent and she could not live without life support. So we all said our good byes.... No one should have to suffer and I know deep down she is in a better place.... She is now an angel and I hold her deep in my heart where she will never leave....
  2. Thank you all for all your kind words and thoughts.... Melissa has passed away this evening.... I am greatful to have known her for all of my teens and twenties... She will be forever missed and not a day will go by that she will not be on my mind.... I wish I could call her and tell her she cant leave me yet the world lost an amazing person today... God bless you all
  3. Thank you all so much. I am exhausted.... Just keeping my faith up. She has the strenght of a hundred men and she just has to keep fighting.... I need my friend to keep my life better since we were in middle school we have been friends I can't imagine her not here to grow old with me.... I am greatful for all of your support! God bless you all
  4. My dear friend for the last 15 years has just suffered a stroke... She is only 28years old. She developed a blood clot in her leg that traveled and then burst. Please I do not know how else to get through this. She has been in critical care for 3 days now and nothnig has changed. I need anyone who can to please keep her and her husband and family in their thoughts. She is so strong and is still fighting but she needs all the love and support she can get.... just take a few minutes to please say a prayer even just send a positive vibe.. I am trying to be strong but I do not know how much longer I can hold myself together for her family.... I do not post to often and I am asking for strenght and support through this. Thank you all and god bless Kate
  5. This looks pretty hopeful... Thanks for the post lets hope something happens soon... GO RV!
  6. I won a 150 dollars so close
  7. I appreciate your break down on things you work hard and make things easier to understand, I sure hope the same.... I am ready to get off the ride and enjoy my summer Go RV!!!!
  8. I have a lot of respect for what you post and your opinions on the RV... I enjoy reading what you have to say so thank you
  9. Great post +1 from me I see an RV here Thanks! you just made my night.... here's hoping for a high rate.....
  10. It just bothers me anytime I read an article and then go through the reply's of others he has to bring things down? Is March 19th a long time? Ya know I have had my Dinar for years just found out about this site not to long ago so I have been in this investment a long time myself.... I never said a thing about you or keep? Just asked why he needs to give short reply's and be negative when he does that's it....
  11. Any time someone post an article he has to bring it down with a negative opinion... If you are anti RV then why be here?? Doesn't make sense to me
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