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  1. The more I read what ya'll talk about in the off-posts, the more I feel you all are suckers. It is amazing how much conspiracy goes on wonder ya'll hold on tight to the IQD and God talk. I believe there is money to be made Iraq...but don't expect a conspiracy or God to hold truth. Get a job you hippies! PS- I know a lot of lawyers...Love Them! And, President Obama is one of the most intelligent people ever to hold office. Neg me for that!
  2. any word on this? I have been looking online and it seems the is legit. They are from Butler, PA. My question is how the different exchange rates will be enacted - since there are two (black market and bank rate) and the availability to exchange notes for USD here in the USA. I know this happens tomorrow - or in just a few hours in I am not holding my breath. Anyone got anything?
  3. Post 12: This is my last post on this topic. I enjoy reading and studying up on this investment. This is a place for learning and sharing ideas. I know there are a lot of people who read these threads and are not registered users. Once you get 6+ pages of watered down back and forth, people loose faith in the accuracy, reliably and validity of sites like this. It is not my place to tell you what to do - but be reasonable - it is a public forum. Good luck to you.
  4. These threads are loosing validity. If we are going to go after each other - do it else where. If you want to make a comment off of the cuff, do it else where. I am all about a debate - but lets keep this as pertinent as possible. Thanks.
  5. I am with Bank of America - domestically. I transfered through the German bank listed on Warka's site. I was just curious if sunday and monday were holidays - I'd assume I wont see the completion until the end of the week, if this is the case. I have been in contact with people at the bank this past week - and all is well. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I put in a wire to Warka last week and should be about due to show up in the next day or so. My question is: is Sunday/ Monday a holiday over there? I thought I read about there being a few days off early in the week for them...which would probably hold up my wire. If anyone knows their banking hours - please share. Thanks PS - I have had great email contact with people at the bank so far.
  7. Sure, I'd like my healthcare plan to pay for my Viagra and Cialis - but wait - there is no possible moral way I'd want healthcare plans to pay for contraception for females. This has always been a very illogical argument. Call me a **** and a prostitute - but, what is fair - is fair. PS - Estrogen and progesterone supplements are often used to control dysmenorrhea, regulation of menses, acne and many other OB/GYN. I suggest you learn more about what these drugs are intended for. Just like Viagra was fist used in heart patients - until an obvious side effect was noted. (giggle - you got it?)
  8. Thank you Lenape - I appreciate your response... ...still on the fence - better to hold physical currency or have some in the bank... My investment is split at the moment.
  9. If you have the online banking set up, couldn't you transfer it to your preferred account? I am curious to hear how this plays out - I am on the fence if I should buy a few more physical Dinar or throw some into the Warka account.
  10. Doesn't that imply that we, the people, put him up there?
  11. Historically, when the central bank has mentioned an RV, what has the time frame been? (ie; Turkey, Venezuela, etc)
  12. If the "000" bills become coins, then Iraq will use currency that has a greater coin value than paper value. Does this seem odd? Backwards? Are there any other countries with this type of set up?
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