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  1. Wonder if they have toaster ovens...I coulld use a car with a toaster oven...or a oven that toast a car...a toast to a toast...toast...Damn ended up with toast again
  2. There are a lot of countries that have a lot of money invested in Iraq. The Maliki issue is an on going There are alot of countries that have a major stake in what happens within Iraq. There's one word that will sum up the majority of the problems concerning the situation Iraq faces now, that word,''Maliki''...with what has transpired in the past week. The major steps the other players of Iraq have shown in the international meets and markets on the internation level has been nothing short of excellent and are moving forward with unpressident achievements. I don't see the internation vie
  3. Do yall think the people of Iraq will stand for another 5 years plus of poverty. They're riotin' in the streets now. These people know of thier assetts and the world's demand for them...would you sit still with your family in shambles living in poverty, while knowly you were settin' on top of the worlds largest natural gas reserve and as new oil revenues are discovered, not counting the Kurdish region, possiblly the worlds llargest oil reserve. To top that, those that are old enough to remember when thier econmy was one of the worlds best. I will have to respectfully disagree with the assumeti
  4. I understand about the UN and all the sanctions and the the peggin' to the USD. Doesn't Iraq have to put on the 'Big Boy' pants as one of the conditions in thier exiting the VIIth chapter of the UN? The IQD and USD are pegged and are runnin' neck in neck in value to keep the Iraq economy thrivin'...once the UN agrees to free Iraq...aint it a done deal to RV 1 to 1.....I understand a RI is out of the question because of the destruction of infrastructure and corrupt leaders...I'm not sure who teachin' who on the corruption issue. If there are no time conditions or issues concerning cashing in t
  5. Just curious, how's that precious metal investment workin' for ya...sure hope ya pocess the fisical metal and not the cerititcation of acceptance. With the continueing desolvement of our economy and the unveiling of the incompetence of the so called financial experts on the highest level the most precious metal may end up being the can that holds the food inside it. Then again hooks are made of metal for fishin, weapons and ammo are made of metal for huntin and the all useful knife is made of metal for the preparation of either fowl, fish or meets...''Thank God I'm a Country Boy''...yea Ok...e
  6. Maliki has been an adversary to the Iraqi cause from the outset. The antagonistic parties he's affiliated with are counter productive to the Iraqi's progress. With killings that occured under his administration, regretfully, this might be the straw that broke the camels back Clearification; regretfully is the lost of life that occured...not the outsting of the tyrant,''Maliki''
  7. This's the fact most people over look. Iraq has had the same if not higher rate than Kuwait before the Sadium Hussain disaster. Thier economy has thrived at the higher rate and did so competitively. VIIth Chapter of the UN is what caused thier demise to the rate. I'm not sayin that they will restructure at the 3+ buck rate but thier economy has proven they can withstand the inflation of at least a 1 to 1 against the USD...Come on their economy is operating now on the USD...what's the differance in a buck or a dinar worth a buck...six of one and hallf a dozen of the other the way I look at it.
  8. The dinar is still an exotic currancy and can't be deemed by 'those in the know' to be a liable investment. As we are all speculating for a RV. The fact that Iraq and Kuwait were valued at 3+ bucks is reassuring. Iraq lost thier value because of a spupid move by Hussain, putting them into the VIIth chapter of the UN. I've put my money on Iraq to establish thier rightful place in the petrolium market. The assetts are there, the oil is there, the natural gas is there thier economy is the fastest growing on the planet. I feel the confident that I've got my chips in the game and will keep antin' u
  9. There's some conditions in the global market concerning 'flat currencies' and wanting to establish assetts backing value of a nations monitary rate. There's been talk of futures that haved no foundation and are artificial at best. I personally would trust anything zer'O' has any association with and if his lips are moveing it's a very good sign he's lieing....kinda like Maliki, zer'O' has NO vest interest in the citizens of this nation...only his agenda. Times are hard and we do have under handed politician, I use the term very losely, that would sell thier children for a profit. There's no gu
  10. Maliki has to be delt with, period. This has been apparant with his association with questionablle alliancies and the demeanor toward the very countrymen he's suppose to be governing. There's now a legitamate avenue for external indities to investgate the situation and indite the culperates for crimes of nature. This could be the extreme end of the Maliki rein. It's sad that it has escalated to these conditions. What's more appalling is this was senceless and avoidable.
  11. Jump the pond from one side to the other, change a name here and there, refraze an accuse or two and it sounds like ol' Iraq is fallin' right into step on how our government operates and or does the free market, either of these governments would be eaten alive by the private sector...when is enough? enough!!
  12. I'm not quite sure of the leadership description...that being what are who he's leading...but I do agree Maliki will have to be forced out of his dictatorial style of power.
  13. From the postin' picture....Obama and Maliki shaking hands, My guess 'tedro''s a touce up to witch deceaves thier country the most...two tyants, one couse....the lies are limitless Sorry, that's was suppose to be ''which''...kind of spooky stickin' witch for which while referin' to these two zeros
  14. The smart card for international use want be available till July. I'm not sure about the CBI being closed for the 5th day. There are many articles supportin' this event and I've not read one yet to disclaim it. My point bein'...why's the CBI been closed? Would an institution of this magnitude and with so much repercussions invovled load a smart card with the current rate or the RV rate? Would it not alleviate major confussion and disruption to issue cards with the revised rate? That beening said, doesn't this mandate an RV before the issueing of the cards.
  15. Thanks for the post...I'm tryin' to get up to speed on this matter. I'm not the reply your lookin' for, but this deserves notice....we can both hide and watch...a plus for ya
  16. I'll have to get back with ya on source at the moment is havin' difficulties locatin' a bondsman
  17. Sweet Caroline good times never seem so good, I feel fine too believe.....OK, I aint the fat lady...just an ol' skinny white guy. But my source say, and I can confirm that he's lagit...this guy is the son in law of the barber that cut the hair of the man that knows the person that trims /cuts the grass of the guy that works on the car of the guy that works in the office of the wife that said she heard from the person that was directly connected to the person that over heard a person state ''that'' they were not sure of the name of the person that actually said, '' there was a gag order''...we
  18. I'm the new guy and aint bittin' on this....Of course I've been behind the sence since 04' ....been hidein' n watchin'
  19. Gotcha covered Texan1...plus1...I think, this aint as easy as it look....OK, I'm the new guy....can't fined a plus button anywhere....where's my button....That's fine, HELL I plus's a plus to ya all...woooowhoooo..can i get a HELL YEA on the RV.....Damn I'm glad that's over....Patron' can be a SOB
  20. I was under the impression that the USD was the main currancy perfered over the IQD. Wouldn't the Iraqies have the same access to information as we do and have the speculation to hang on to as much of thier currentcy as possible. The Iraqies are in the best senario if they are wise enough to grasp the situation. The dinar is all around them and is there for the takin'...The Iraqies have to provide for themselves as every mature individual involved has. The Iraqies knew what thier economy was capable from history and there will probibly be a few that for some reason or the other takes this tra
  21. What's Up, Been a minute since I last posted...was in country April 03' on ARIFJON, Kuwait (Southern Watch) in the KBR sweat tents/dust bowl. Was on the first push into Balad, Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) to the then' Anaconda Base'. I'd like to take this time to say, " Vato Loco Forever'' to us that were there...yall remember me as 'skeeter'...I've been followin' this trail since 04' and aint been to impress with the intel...up to now. Looks like if I'm goin' to catch the attenion of those that were outside the wire, the time has come. All signs are pointin' to a show down...yall know who
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