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    I hope the new guy/girl enjoys whiskey as much as I do, it'll come in handy soon being here you'll see LOL
  2. $1.19............. $1.19 ........... $1.19............ $1.19................this figure has been stuck in my head for the last 4 years.........did I say, $1.19?
  3. It ain't over, till' its' over PP!! Play big or stay home, remember?! I'm 50 million in, it was either this or me blowing it all in Vegas anyways!! WE AIN'T STAYING HOME GIRLFRIEND!! we all hope to see!! Alrighty!!! So push that darn button!!
  4. This just hit my news feed on Yahoo: Looks like the move is on?!
  5. Here ya go, bro: “The new rial … will be equal in value to one (US) dollar,” the state news agency quoted Bahmani as saying, adding that it would take “one to two years” to be implemented." The other piece is at the end of this article......I'll be at the bar...yup.
  6. Great info PP, many thanks and much appreciated!!
  7. I need something work out this crazy hangover I, an RVVVVVVVVVV!! HAHAHAHA!! Almost there folks!!
  8. If I make it past the 13th round without passing out, the following 10 will be on me....just help pick me up from the floor every now and then when we celebrate lmaooo
  9. Yeeeeeah man lmaooo glad to had found it and appreciate all that you and everyone bringing the scoop here.....can't believe I'm still typing while on my fourth shot of Glenfiddich hahahahaha
  10. I found it...going back since June 2016.....jeesh, I need another drink....I didn't realize it was that far back lol It ain't over until I'm sober!! MAYBEE!! HA! Link:
  11. Anything popped over $500K, won't stop me from jetting out lol ✈️ Looking forward to it!! I posted an article waaaaay back when regarding if we hit a bump cashing out in Dubai, the Island of Kish would be next on the itinerary!! Yup!! I'll be meeting you guys any damn where, because I'll be THEREEEEEEE I'll be ready with a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle on hand when you are, bruh lol
  12. Just something to add, since I can't drink at work: "Eliminating 4 zero from national currency not to impact inflation rate". Link: 🍺
  13. Faith and whiskey will be with you and all here bro. I'm soooooo done with this, I just want to redo and restart my life completely and the same for my family. Hang in there man.🍺
  14. This here what's getting to me, just try to read "in between the lines":...."If the government's plan is carried out, the rate will be recalculated to 12 Rials (1.2 Tomas) equaling one dollar. As part of the plan to revise the Iranian economy and currency, which was first proposed in December 2016". Does this itch anyone here needing a scratch? Or do I need more whiskey? 🥃
  15. Also, could be a great sign and hints that the Dinar RV is indeed close by!!
  16. Hey guys, I can't access the DV site at my job, doing my best to copy and paste a link here from my cellphone. "Iran: Government approves plan to re-denominate rial currency and transition to new name of Toman". It isn't over until it's over, but please read this article and give it some thought. Just my sober opinion, I continue to feel Iran is proceeding somewhat ahead of what Iraq is planning to do with their own currency. It's too hard NOT to take notice that both Iraq's and Iran's current monetary plans seems both similar, that I see here Iran wants to take steps and measures ahead of
  17. We're all hanging in there PP, hoping for the best and putting all this to rest!! Thank you all!! And best of luck!!
  18. Anyone here besides me and my cup of coffee without whiskey in it, happen to notice this and how similar maybe they're following the same plan Iraq may have set?!!
  19. Yup, and yup. We'll be fine.....bros. lol
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