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  1. I have no idea, but for now the old bills to my understanding will remain for a bit to be collected within the two year time frame (similar as to the Dinar as planned); it's just the change of the name from "Rial" to "Toman". I believe once the collection of all the old notes is done, then I guess the new "Toman" notes should be out and about, or probably new notes will be released at the same time while collecting the old Rial notes. But at this point, I wish for anything to happen.....we hope for the best of course!
  2. And, from Reuters!!! FRESH AND HOT OFF THE PRESS!! BONDS NEWS MAY 4, 2020 / 3:14 AM / UPDATED AN HOUR AGO Iran approves plan to cut four zeros from falling currency -report 2 MIN READ
  3. I had just finished drinking my last glass of whiskey on a late Sunday evening, and suddenly........THIS?!!!!! ...BROTHER SCREWBALL, WHERE YA' AT BUDDY?!!! World Iran approves plan to cut four zeros from falling currency -report ReutersMay 4, 2020, 3:13 AM EDT DUBAI, May 4 (Reuters) - Iran's parliament has passed a bill allowing the government to slash four zeros from the rial
  4. Sadly today........due to a financial family emergency.....I had to sell off all of my VND. If things don't keep up, I may be forced to sell off my other currencies..... Man.....something's gotta give for us all in 2020. If things get better I'll buy some back but in the meantime, good luck to you all. Freedomwish with his whiskey, out.😭
  5. Yup, thank goodness for whiskey - works for me LOL
  6. There has to be somewhat of a hidden meaning for us here folks...I'm going on my second whiskey, but this here I can't shake off
  7. President elect Davis and DThug are a couple of reasons for me why I'll keep holding on to this Dinar thing I think going 10 years now.....oh yeah, and whiskey helps too lol
  8. Woooooooo boy, we'll definitely be waiting to know your thoughts regarding recent events indeed!!!
  9. What a way to start off the new year...
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