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  1. i tried to calculate 5 Trillion [ common number ] times a .10 cents RV : on a small hand held calculator---did not work ; using the C.B.I. number of 70-100 billion U.S.D. in reserves --does this ad up : i have always suspected, or assumed that the I.M.F. would be involved big-time when the RV hits ; and back to the Petro-Dollar thing--getting oil at 1/2 price--resell it at market price--the U.S.T. involved ?
  2. nobody from Wall Street--the world's smartest investor's are buying dinar's : i am stuck with my 3 million--for the next 2-10 years
  3. the whole bunch of us [ including myself ] must be half nuts to be thinking of getting rich from a war torn country like Iraq : who is going to cover the RV ? the I.M.F--the W.T.O. ? the C.B.I. might RV at one or two cents : that is all i see
  4. Moose 57 : the 5 Trillion number i have heard for the last 4 years in this investment ---don't have a link
  5. numerous articles floating around today regarding Iraq not being able to meet the new budget : with 5 Trillion dinar in other countries being held [ most common number ] what kind of a rate could they possibly cash-in at ? i doubt seriously if they have enough money to do anything at all
  6. we go on year after year visiting all the dinar sites : hoping to become instant millionaires from a small investment : nothing ever happens--not even a small increase in the IQD ; i clicked on a while ago to to read recent posted topics---all song videos ; i remain curious as to why people hang on dinar sites all day long ????
  7. they don't know one single thing about the history of the world
  8. most of us here bought into the hype of " Iraq's untappped wealth "--huge amounts of oil : which was true : but what we did not know was the fact that Iraq was a nutcase country : i will hang in there --$ 3200 invested--3 million dinar stashed : i will cash out at .10 cents--or any thing
  9. at this time 9/30 9:30---ISIS is surrounding the capital of Iraq on fox news now---are we doomed with our investment in Iraq ?
  10. i very seldom give anybody a positive or a negative--does not appear relevant
  11. the news from Iraq changes by the hour--for the worst--like the seizure of the huge dam near Mosul : i doubt that the the GOI is even thinking about an RV at this time--just how to evacuate what say you ?
  12. why not just go to a religous website ? this one is about our dinar investment
  13. not one single RV prediction has ever come true in my 4 years in dinar world ! notice how the self appointed Guru's on other sites ignore the crisis in Iraq ?
  14. notice that all the Guru's ignore the current crisis in Iraq--blame it on the media : same all nonsense--RV tomorrow---ain't gonna happen--IMO
  15. no national news networks are reporting this, like cnn,fox, my yahoo home page
  16. high oil prices hurt poor people the most : all food at grocery stores comes in on diesel powered semi- trucks
  17. since Obama sits back and does not much of anything--glad the russians came in to help
  18. latest news on yahoo is that the iraqi army just withdrew from trying to take back Tikrit
  19. maliki did not resign--not reported by any news organization
  20. i went to fox,cnn, my yahoo home page--could not find anything about Malaki resigning
  21. on the AARP site, i clicked on a link called up in 5 minutes time : based on my social security retirement income, i pay $ 15 a month --$ 920 a month subsidy no way to pay for health insurance before this---the plan pays %70 with 500 a year deductable
  22. my virus protection says that this site is safe
  23. investing in that crazy country was probably a mistake in the first place
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