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  1. the " significant discovery " seems to be a doctor's note that says " un-fit to work " he tore the note up and went to work anyway
  2. i don't see anything on Fox or CNN about this : they are only talking about him being under a doctor's treatment
  3. Luigi used to spend all day long reporting crazy nonsense rumours--i wonder why ?
  4. somebody knocked on my door last night tap-tap-tap---pause tap-tap equals $ 3.20
  5. i do the disk cleanup and delete browsing history--no luck
  6. must be something new on the internet : walmart last visited items show up following me here : as well as quite a few others ; anybody else noticed this ?
  7. quite a few people are ready to bail out at anything they can get : too long of a ride and getting tired : i never believed a word of the rate as high as $ 3.53 or anything near that
  8. a 1 cent RV would be about $ 30,000 on my original $ 3200 investment : i might watch it for awhile then say adios
  9. Iraq's oil exports should be the current market price in dollars : nothing to do with IQD value
  10. the most common number that " we " hold is 5 trillion IQD
  11. looking at the various OPEC sites, Iraq has the 5th largest reserves in the world : Saudi pumping about 9 million a day---Iraq 3 million---kuwait a bit less, 2.8. million
  12. i bought into this investment because i thought the IQD was way undervalued compared to other countries like Kuwait next door
  13. listed today at 1 kwd - $ 3.33 usd iqd is 1 iqd- $ .00086 usd : why the huge difference since Iraq is pumping more oil ?
  14. my nephew is a chief financial officer for a fortune 500 company : back when i bought my 3 million dinar 4 years ago he called his buddies ; they all said the same thing--how does Iraq cover or pay out an RV ? and, does anybody on wall street buy dinar ? i am only into it for $ 3200--waiting patiently to make anything at all
  15. a new world record for neg's Luigi1--8461--and 0 positive : living on dinar sites must be all you have to do
  16. the C.B.I. does not have enough money to handle an RV--70 to 100 billion in reserves : so, who would cover it ? I.M.F. , W.T.O., U.S.T. ?
  17. why would i want my money stuck in Iraq ? same thing as Warka
  18. they have been under gag orders all 4 years of my time in this investment : recycled garbage week after week
  19. in my day dreaming world--i want my own plane also : a cessna 340--or 421 ; take a look at controller . com aircraft --about 100 k for a nice plane ; jet costs per hour are way up there
  20. try dinar trade, the last place i bought from
  21. good post : if there was ever an actual RV--it would be all over this site and others
  22. 5 years in this investment--every year when they pass the budget--" sure sign of an RV " : and the HCL agreement " sure sign of an RV " i would hope to get anything back from my investment--even 2 or 3 cents
  23. the C.B.I reports various numbers---70-100 billion U.S.D. in reserves ; i can only see that the I.M.F. will have to back up Iraq on any kind of even a small RV ?
  24. the number 5 Trillion is considered to be what we hold ourselves--heard that number for 4 years in this investment
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