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  1. they ran out of gas on the U.S.TREASURY is in lockdown stories [ 2 years now ] the rates are kocked and loaded [ bank back screens ] the RV is done [ Iraq only cashing in ] -----every day
  2. there is no such thing as OAKIE : IT IS JUST A 14 YEAR OLD GEEK KID ON THE NET
  3. is it fair that 47% of american households paid 0 federal tax---2009 ?
  4. July 5, 1957: north of Las Vegas [ 75 miles ] a 74 kiloton atom bomb was tested [ 6 times the size of the Hiroshima one ] the soldiers wore sunglasses this book is the first true story so far as i know ; AREA 51----written by Annie
  5. right on Smee--hard to figure out these Guru's stupidity level
  6. because the time is not here yet--shabibi wants 1-1----usd to iqd
  7. the change was made by the C.B.I. [ central bank of iraq ]
  8. it was 1170 for 3 years : made small move in our favor a few weeks ago--1166 : been in this investment for 16 months---not really high hopes for a huge change soon : maybe someday
  9. great collection of guru pumper lies : they must be targeting newbies or people who have no sense : my favorite from last week " the rate will show up on the bank screens first---not the C.B.I when short on time--i just check the C.B.I. site breifly
  10. yep : not necessary to " vote " on every comment--let it stay broken
  11. why are they selling U.S.D.---instead of their own currency ?
  12. if they issued small denomination bills now : with no RV : then i would love to have a wheelbarrow dealership over there !
  13. agree 100%: last week the guru pumpers even said that the rate would show at the banks ---before the C.B.I. !!
  14. # 2 this week on the n.y. times non-fiction list : AMERICAN SNIPER----written by Chris Kyle : Chris Kyle holds the u.s. military's all-time record : great insight into what really happened during the Iraq war
  15. remember 16 months ago--" the u.s. treasury is in lockdown " ? the rates are locked and loaded--on the banks " back screens " ? who can possibly believe a single word they say ?
  16. multiply 2.7 million barrels of oil per day times $100 a barrel increasing this year by another one million barrels a day ranking #3 in OPEC rv soon
  17. thanks for the link---us " news junkies " have heard these threats against Israel for years
  18. Iran's Supreme Leader Threatens Israel, U.S. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: We'll help any nation or group that confronts "cancerous tumor" Israel Google--" iran threatens israel "---lot of articles out there Iran Threatens Israel with Missile Barrage if Attacked Iran continues to threaten Israel, this time hinting it will hit it with up to 150,000 missiles if its nuclear facilities are attacked.
  19. Iran has already threatened to destroy Israel-- numerous times : they are the most dangerous, unstable country in the Mid-east
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