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  1. 5 hours ago, KristiD said:


    Yes, you are correct.  But cashing in is a term we've come to adopt and old habits die hard.  Plus I like "cashing in" because the RV will sort of be like winning a bet for those of us who took a gamble when we bought dinar when most people thought we were foolish.  So it really will be like cashing in on good bet.  So I for one continue to use it even though I know it's technically not the correct term.  However, when I go to the bank, I will say "exchange".


    correct and it applies to my theory :

    investing $ 3000 in hopes of making millions

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  2. 11 hours ago, KristiD said:


    Though I'm not a licensed tax professional, I believe the following is correct. 

    You won't need a receipt to cash in, but if you try to claim the income as "Capital Gains" on your taxes, then it is relevant since you've owned your dinar for well over a year and you would get the lower, long term Capital Gains rate of 20% rate.  This is a good thread that discusses taxes.    

    my same old thoughts from 6 years ago---cash in for whatever--forget taxes and the bank spread 

    bail out and head to Ecuador



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