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  1. Yes Adam , there is a country that you can compare Iraq to , Russia has Oil and Gas like Iraq , not as much but a hell of a lot , and they had LOP , three O's too, I had asked you about this in the passed and your answer was Russia is not Iraq , not a great answer , it certainly didn't clear it up for me.
  2. In the article it go's on about the "new administration being in power" the new administration is only a year old and it talks about Al Maliki in the passed tense , if you guys have seen this already then it couldn't have been that long ago, not more then a year because the "new administration" is only a year old ,up or down I really don't know though I have stopped spending all of my time here I tend to take two or three years away from it then come back for a month or two then switch off again so I don't know about every article that you guys are bringing, but surely if you have all seen thi
  3. One more thing , in your opinion are we Dinar holders under attack, is there a coordinated effort to get us to part with our Dinar , be it the CBI, CIA or whoever.
  4. No country in history has ever had a major revaluation of their currency, instead went with the LOP option ,(MY QUESTION) to you what moves is Iraq making that most points to them being the first to go with the other (major RV) option?. In other words what most makes you feel that they are going to revalue, and not LOP their currency. Thank you. Also , I got one warning point from you, how long does it stay on my record for? , and how many does one clock up before one is banned?.
  5. Hi The Machine You are Irish as far as I remember aren't you? , I used to came here years ago and remember you , I am from Sligo. This is probably a silly question because you are still here but can you see us making money out of this Dinar gamble? there is a lot of RV-ers disinformation out there so I don't know what to think. I have recently heard that no country has ever had a major revaluation of their currency, instead went with a LOP , and I can't help but wonder why would Iraq be the one that would go about it differently. I don't know if I should sell my 20.000.000 Dinar and put it in
  6. Found this on another forum. he infrastructure of Iraq is badly affected by the invasion of US armed forces in 2003. Everything was destroyed because of surgical attacks made by US Army and its alliance. Since then the country is the center of sad news. We hear bad news of killing and bomb blast on almost every day. Moreover the ISISI has become one of the worst terrorist organizations operating in Iraq against the government. Iraq is facing heavy losses because of these attac
  7. Ha ha ha ha lol HA HA HA HA LOL , That was hilarious ,HILARIOUS I TELL YOU. If the RV never happens then you definitely have a future in comedy ha ha ha ha lol. Are you from Jersey? as in the island of Jersey in the UK?
  8. This crap again , really?, are you kidding me . Two steps forward and then three steps back.
  9. Hi , I got 1 warning point for breaking a rule I didn't know existed , what is the deal with the point , how many do you clock up before you are banned? , and how long do they stay on your record for? .I couldn't find answers to these questions in the forum Thanks.
  10. I have just heard a real life horror story where a guys account was hacked and all of hid bitcoin vanished , I will never trust digital money. As the man says, I like to hear the crackle of my crisp uncirculated bank notes.
  11. That is a very nice story , Go Kurdish forces . That ISIS guy living in Sweden is now up to his neck in it , lock him up and throw away the key.
  12. Now before I started this thread I was led to believe that because the Iraqis were reducing the note count that the LOPsters had been debunked and the majority had gone , so I thought it was time to get excited about this Dinar game again, now I don't know what to think, which is the side with the agenda? I really can't tell. One thing that hasn't changed is that the Go RVers and LOPsters still go at it like they were Israelis and Palestinians.
  13. Oh I didn't know , thanks for the warning , the same guy claims not to be a guru though , and does not promote any dealer. Just reads the news and does a break down. Sorry again admin. By the way he quotes Adam all the time
  14. Well Dave and seabee on currency 365 youtube channel he is all about a rate change 1st half of 2016 , because the IMF told them that they have to be back in the World economy in that time, and 365 say that means a rate change , it is his be all and end all. Who knows.
  15. The proxy Central bank governor must be starting to feel a little bit threatened , he is getting it from multiple sides.
  16. Just my opinion , but I don't think that Iraq can just reinstate the old exchange rate like Kuwait did , I don't think Kuwait printed a crap load of dinar in their time of trouble , because they were not in control of their banks , the Iraqis were. Whereas Iraq did print a crap load of dinars so the exchange rate could not be reinstated to a pre printing level, their over printed Dinar are still out there. All just my opinion of course.
  17. No big deal , I was just saying that there are state sponsored human rights violations in the US too. 300.000 targeted individuals (victims of state sponsored covert harassment and attack) in the US. Dr John Halls other book is called "A new breed , satellite terrorism in America" ,innocent people are being attacked with electronic satellite based weapons 24/7-365 for life. They are both very good books. Even go on to youtube and put in targeted individual , or electronic harassment , or gang stalking (organized stalking). My point is America isn't perfect when it comes to human rights is al
  18. Human rights? target? , try youtubing or googling "targeted individual" , there are more then 300.000 of them in the US, all non criminals , and victims of state sponsored overt harassment , and some are even being attacked with electronic weapons, (youtube electronic harassment). You should purchase the book "Guinea pigs ,technologies of control" by Dr John Hall.
  19. I haven't been around here in about 3 years and you are still just commenting "thanks" to every article lol, you sure are clocking up the posts though.
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