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  1. woolfy

    Another Dossier

    WHAT does this have to do with the Dinar?????????????????
  2. woolfy


    Okay this is not actually a rumour but about a rumour maker. Where the hell is Luigi. He has been missing for days now. Has he been captured or even decapitated . I have to admit I do not read his stupid rumours but suddenly he has disappeared.
  3. I should like a Dinar for every time Dopey Okie has stated, "it has been done, it is completed etc". i know we all read these 'Gurus' wonerfull statements, mostly because they are funny, but surely for the likes of Dopey Okia and Super Pr att Possum, there should be a Dinar Liars section.
  4. woolfy

    Bank accounts

    Does anyone know of any UK banks that will allow you to open a Dinar account.

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