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  1. popper4

    OK Adam...Where is my Wed. Fix???

    Wow! Give him his money back.
  2. Why would he set up all these substations to cash you in if he didn't think there was going to be a big payday?
  3. popper4

    Wangdang Transcript 2-9

  4. popper4

    Kaperoni says no RV!

    Kaperoni : I don’t know where these guys get this stuff? I am trying to be nice, but is hard when so many are getting hurt. Kaperoni : There is no RV at this time, not in country or out of country. Period. Kaperoni : The CBI has officially updated for the day at 1166. They even held a small currency auction $4, 321,000. Kaperoni : I watched Iraqi News for an hour, nothing on the scrolling banner. Nothing on the news sites. Kaperoni : Therefore, we can say with certainty this is bogus and just garbage to excite all readers. Kaperoni: Stay grounded, stick to facts, stop reading the rumors.
  5. popper4

    IQD devalued!!!!

    He threw in a sarcastic haha, so he gets neg'd.
  6. popper4

    RV by Friday December 23rd??

    I think we should all know by now that if someone gives a ridiculous rate, they're nothing more than a pumper.
  7. Will Ali still be setting up his satellite stations around the country?
  8. popper4

    Ladyj47 Rumor. 6/22/2011 from DD

    Anytime you see a ridiculous rate you know it's a pump.
  9. popper4

    Gurus Sign Off

    What's a gage order?
  10. So what if it gets re-posted. I'm sure not everybody reads this forum everyday and there's new people coming on all the time. If I've already read something, I just move on. No big deal.
  11. popper4

    Okie Oil Man Update: Planet Dinar 4/4/11

    A pumper has no shame or integrity.
  12. popper4

    The New Rumor. Got this in a email.

    This site has become so infested with pumpers it's not even any fun to read any more. There's a big difference between a rumor and a blatant lie to try to take advantage of someone for your own personal gain.
  13. popper4

    Ali thoughts on bank rumors, I'm not buying it

    You missed the whole point dude. It was just funny that someone was correcting bad grammar with a misspelling.
  14. popper4

    Pumper Frustrations

    I agree with what you have to say except for the statement that a pumper has a conscience. The only thing he cares about is getting you to buy more dinar. I don't think he cares if he's right or not.

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