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    Astronomy, snow boarding, rock and ice climbing, water sports, aviation. Exploring and enjoying nature. Would love an ocean going sailing vessel with a five person crew and a seasoned guide until I learned the ropes.

    For schooling, I'm pre-med and hope to MCAT to Mayo and go further to help teams research a cure for cancer. I've been told to choose my battles wisely. I've fought many obscure, fruitless, futile battles and at the age of 36, I think I've finally realized to heed the wisdom a bit more rather than keep making my own mistakes over and over again. Fighting to save lives, from the demise of cancer, would be worthwhile battle.

About Me

Spent four years fishing commercially in AK from ages 18 to 22. Started a business that works on high rise buildings with swing stage scaffold and rope rigging techniques. Play mainly a 12 string guitar and am now a pre-med student.  I'm a nerd and like adrenaline.

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