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  1. I'm thinking with all of the meetings, and all of the changes that are happening...............it seems they can't last very long at all without an RV. How can they survive if not done at anytime?
  2. Monday, February 6, 2012End their boycott of the Iraqi Council of Ministers and four judges assigned to take the say-Hashimi in Arbil February 5, 2012 End their boycott of the Iraqi Council of Ministers and four judges assigned to take the say-Hashimi in Arbil Ended the Iraqi List, Sunday Province and Minister of meetings of the Council of Ministers. Came during a meeting of the ingredients list on Sunday evening and decided unanimously in the presence of the majority of its leaders except President Iyad Allawi, leader of the Saleh al-Mutlaq, the return of its ministers to the meetings of
  3. Wow! Very confusing.............so there is a possibility this week then. I am so confused lol.............I guess if I put my mind for June then it won't be so frustrating!
  4. So Chap 7 is SUPPOSE to be lifted in June. Is that when we should expect to RV? I was told unless that is done it can't happen. Is this correct? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RV
  5. Sorry I tried to post the link.........its global meets east and west.com.............if that helps
  6. Thank you for that!!!! Reading and reading and more reading.............still learning lol...........still trying to figure out why people are thinking this Monday/Week. This is actually the first time I have seen people on THIS site this excited............pretty reliable/real site............love it
  7. parliamentary foreign next March 05/02/2012 13:57 Sunday, February 5, 2012Welcome To Going Global East Meets West ... Link .. Conferences and Events for February, March, and April 2012 ... Posted by kel at 11:59 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Conferences and Events Financial debt of Iraq seeks to restore parliamentary foreign next March (That's in 3 weeks.. 05/02/2012 Financial debt of Iraq seeks to restore parliamentary foreign next March Baghdad, the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of representatives, Sunday, they work in cooperation with
  8. Well I am hoping to get this over with already lol
  9. I surely hope its not that long down the road. I am ready to get this over with. I do notice on another site that they are saying "Get it ready I got inside information that its going to happen tomorrow". Its funny because the same person saying that .........said the same thing in 2011. What is that all about? I am really discouraged today. Guess maybe its to good to be true? Maybe I will just wait for tomorrow and see if I feel any differently.
  10. Why would any one prefer RV vs RI ? It seems that if it goes RI then the dinar would be worth much more? Sorry seems like such a dumb question
  11. I am grateful for the dreams I've had with this. I have had one hell of a year (loss of my grandson, work issues etc) and ready for it to go. However, the dream I have is to have my grandbabies a little money for their future. To be able to open up a center to help other children with no hopes............with that alone........it keeps me going! God Bless you all!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am hearing some talk about another several/few years to RV. Does that seem logical? What is everyones opinion about how close this is?
  13. JERICHO..............I don't want to be an old hat lol..........heck I dont wanna be old at all (on my way lol). Thank you for the welcome! I can't imagine to have been doing this for years..........UGH!!! More patience than I can imagine!
  14. So I just got on board with all of this about a week ago. As a "newbie" I have been reading and reading. I am beginning to get a grasp of all the lingo. I can't seem to find what the "LOP" means though. Also, I keep reading blogs/sites of how the dinar gets broke down. I bought 5000000 and I have been told that it will then be converted to 5000USD when all is done. Does that mean if they delete 000's? IF not..........then they RV will it be 50000? I am lost lol
  15. DinarMillionaire Thank you! I am new to this, and just learing how things are working. I do get confused a lot with the "facts" and "rumors". Still learning how the circulation works and such.
  16. How long do people anticipate for the RV? Also.............when they say "RV" then what kind of upping are we looking at? Still pretty new to all of this
  17. I have to ask...........what makes everyone think that its going to happen in weeks? New to all of this, and trying to understand
  18. Can somebody tell me what that means? When they say that the CBI raised the price of dinar against the Dollar.........is that good or bad for those that have invested? I am so new to all of this
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