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  1. GM Yota.........just wondering what "bump" means?
  2. Holy crap...........I am waiting for my first sight of the flying pig )
  3. I am thinking it will take 2 years to get it where it was before Saddam took over.
  4. Hi there, So far so the approval on the program. Now, its all financial at this point. Slowly trucking along .......thank you for asking!!!
  5. Friday, February 24, 2012Iraq and Kuwait ~ Chapter 7 ~ Talabani, Iraq confirms the desire of consolidating relations with Kuwait ... 25/02/2012 Talabani, Iraq confirms the desire of consolidating relations with Kuwait Expectations of the successful visit of Prime Minister BAGHDAD - Al Sabah said President Jalal Talabani, Iraq's desire to strengthen relations between Iraq and Kuwait and developed in other areas of political, economic, cultural and social development. He Talabani during a congratulatory telegram sent to the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the occ
  6. Friday, February 24, 2012IRAQ DECIDES TO RELEASE BUDGET MARCH 1, 2012 Snip ~ The Minister of Planning Ali Shukri, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Ministry of Planning decided to launch the budgets of ministries and provincial councils in the first of March in order to speed up the implementation of the budget." 24/02/2012 Iraq decides to release the budget early next month Baghdad, The Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Federal, on Friday, it will launch a budget in 2012 in the first of the month next to the ministries for the purpose of accelerating the implementation of importa
  7. Sounds like your not the nicest either!!!!
  8. Tossing piggie pooey!!! Sorry just fed my potbelly lol
  9. Hard to say...............totally a gamble though.
  10. Hmmmmmmmmm Let's sit back and watch the grief its going to cost them................interesting
  11. He!! yeah.............2012 Jeep Sahara ready to get dirty hehehehehehe
  12. I have to say...........I learned about this from a friend. In a short amount of time that I have placed investments it does get tiring. I can not imagine doing it for years on end. Some people tend to get in crunches and need the money. Man...........I would rather dream then not............
  13. Thank you for the post. Not sure why anyone neg'd ya, but I made ya even. Anyone who is "optimistic" about this and isnt saying a rate and date........well "take it with a grain of salt"............I like that.......but then again I tend to "boggle" some
  14. Tirebiter, thank you for the info.................and you are ahead of the game buddy lol
  15. I am glad I am not the only one reading that lol...............btw the visual was funny!!!!
  16. Its ok! People have bad days or even make comments that they are not sure how it impacts others. I am hoping it was just a bad day, but if not takes all kinds to make the world go round. Thank you for speaking up, and I appreciate that. Today is a new day, and we are well on our way
  17. wizard, thank you for that fast, yeah seems like the only thing consistent is inconsistency lol
  18. Carrello, Wow it was just a question. If you don't like my questions or posts then don't read or respond. My Mommy? Actually no she doesn't! She just passed away from bone cancer on Dec 19th 2011. However, thanks for asking! Dinarwatchdog, I read that on Going Global east meets west..........
  19. So I am reading that no one is allowed to take vacation until they settle the budget. Then I am reading that some of the fears are that March they go on vacation until May. So which is it? Maybe they settle the budget and then MAYBE decide to RV when they come back in May? hmmmm
  20. Other than Adam.........who are the others with good sources? Wang dang? Breitling? Kaperoni? I am just wondering?
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