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  1. Shabb, I TOTALLY agree with you!!! Well said!!!!
  2. lol thank you..............
  3. Was wondering if MED is legit? Calling RV in July?
  4. I am not sure why people are being neg'd. This is and can be a scary situation for some. If someone is discouraged, that is not something to neg about. C'mon People!!!!!! Evening you folks out!
  5. Hi all, Not sure why, but for some reason the Feb mark is throwing me off. Is this news that they are just now posting? Great find Carrello
  6. I am hoping that before my license runs out that I am able to open a home for pregnant female youth in my State. I know that I would have to accept youth from all over, but I am willing to pass my hopes and dreams on to others. I am here to spread the word that "throw away kids have a lot to offer"...............................Please RV for us to be able to celebrate the success of others.................. Nakida
  7. Its now my weekend.......so even if I wanted to visit Denver........the Corona w/lime is saying noooooooooooooooooooooo way lol. That hill is nothing nice!!!!!!
  8. I am in Co Springs........I am sooooooooooooooo ready for Spring and Summer lol
  9. Hey Candy, Thank you for the post and the mail. No need to allow someone to get you uptight. I ignore silly people that respond with ridiculous comments. It just says alot about their character. On that note......I am just as happy today as I was yesterday............thanks for support
  10. Carrello.............guess I will stay put if no capris allowed
  11. Now let's see what kind of BIG news comes before the summit!
  12. Statistics Iraqi financial institutions and foreign Anti-money laundering The financial statements Banking laws Government debt Jobs Contact Us News and announcements Press Release on the monitoring of the Iraqi Central Bank in weeks what passed for some of the media about the existence of false papers in the markets on the basis of it Iraqi currency 27/02/2012 Press Release on the confirmation of the Iraqi Central Bank constantly work in the sale of foreign currency from the dollar to its customers 06/02/2012 Press Release on the signing of the Iraqi Central Bank and
  13. Yota, You mentioned that they have 7 days by law after the budget. Excuse me for missing something.......but can you please explain that to me?
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