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  1. Considering that ISIS had taken control of several cities and there banks ISIS is sitting on a lot of Dinar. If they ever RV then they would give the enemy a huge increase in the ISIS held dinar. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT ? I just listed my last million on craigslist for $850. My wife has 3 million in the safe deposit at the bank, she wants to wait a little longer. We had 8 million. Obama blew it. Iraq will have to RD. RV won't happen. It is over. Sell, Sell, Sell.
  2. Sorry SCD, that neg was suppose to be a + Clicking to fast, my bad.
  3. Question... Why would Iraq RV knowing ISIS has raided banks in cities ISIS took ? That would give Billions or Trillions of money to they enemy. Why would they do that ? Anyone have a logical response ? Thanks for the post SCD.
  4. Not looking good over there. People on DV need to wake up. Sold 90% of my Dinar. Thanks SCD
  5. New twisted version.
  6. They are paying $620 per million 6/22/15.
  7. I'm a friend of SoCalDinar, I'll call him. I called a few currency exchanges downtown and they are all paying about $600 + a little.
  8. The place is falling apart. Chance of a RV is slim to none in the next few years.
  9. My 27 year old healthy daughter just signed and it is going to cost her $200 a month, and my 28 year old daughter was supposed to sign up also. Not sure if she did, she went camping all weekend.. They both fell off my work insurance at age 26.
  10. The shippers love Americans buying all this Asian crap. Target, Walmart ect love cheap Chinese and other Asian products. When a container ship leaves port it may look like a loaded ship BUT the reality is that most of the containers above deck are EMPTY ! I see inside some US export containers sometimes and they are usually full of crushed cardboard, plastic and other recyclable product. Asian 'Slave' wage factory workers make products then ship them back to US consumers. Less US workers, more Chinese factories, more pollution.
  11. I work on the rails (trains) in Long Beach (Los Angeles). The shipping companies are feeding the press a lot of BS. Allmost all Overseas owned companies have gotten RICH $ in recent years since the USA does not manufacture much anymore. The wages DO NOT Come from US Taxed Taxpayers like city, county, teachers, cops ect. The average day worker makes about $60,000 to $80,000 a year breathing diesel fumes all day. You need to work 6 - 7 days a week to get $100,000 The average life expectancy of a Longshoreman after retirement is 18 months. These rich mostly Chinese, Korean owne
  12. 80 degrees today where I was working at the Port of Long Beach (Los Angeles).
  13. People need to read the report. He was in a ground struggle with the man when he grabbed the officers gun. The officer grabbed his backup gun and shot him in the back with the muzzle touching his back. The cop did what he had to do to survive. People get your facts straight before you run your mouth ! The autopsy matches the officers report. Hey Umbertino. It is people like you that post crap like this taken out of content. Total BS along with most of the stuff you post. Go away.
  14. Never worn a life jacket in my life. 40+ years boating on the ocean, diving, surfing.
  15. Lack of Otters, Big Lobsters, Abalone to eat urchins results in a depleted kelp forest's. The urchins eat the root that is attached to a rock then the whole plant dies. Thanks for the post SoCal. PD41
  16. When I was studying up on Cali gold I read that scientist believe only 15% of Ca gold has been extracted.
  17. This week I had to resort to long sleeves. It was in the low 50's working at the docks in Long Beach/Los Angeles. Not sweatshirt weather yet. Chance of 1/4" rain on friday and might have to bust out the windbreaker. The water off San Diego is still warm. 68 degrees at Cortez and Tanner Banks. Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna still being caught, Yellowtail also. Best year for fishing off So Cal in 15 years. PD41
  18. I think some of those gals were shooting Rubber Bullets ?
  19. I Asked for " A Bowl a Soup " HE SAID " We don't have Ebola Soup, Get Out "
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