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  1. Do you have the certificate of authenticity? Will you be willing to break the 5 million dianar to smaller units? R
  2. I bought some dinar from ebay without letters of authenticity. I looked at the notes and the specific details to watch out for and the bills I bought seem fine. When the revaluation occurs and we all want to sell lets say to some banks, will they require a letter of authenticity before they take in the bills or will they dertemine the authenticity thru their larue machines.? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I recently joined this forum and wish everyone well. A quick question.... When we cash out eventually...will the gains in money be offset by any schedule D losses in the past or doesnt Schedule D even come into play because this isnt a security and will be treated strictly as ordinary income and long term gains and short term gains are just moot points? Best, R
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