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  1. If you cant understand the 911 call you should stop following this case. This is a simple case dont make it harder then it is! And yes USE YOUR BRAIN^^^^^^
  2. Try stepping out of your bubble and start becoming more worldly!
  3. If you can't understand the 911 call your a little slow. Zimmerman going to the HOLE! BYE BYE!
  4. Umbertino For some reason some of these people will never get it!
  5. Anytime 40, Yeah He's got them fooled just like those Bain investors, It's mind boggling to me!
  6. Thanks Tony, Eventually these guys will have to go international, Hopefully sooner rather then later. Time is on our side and the pressure is on!
  7. Seem like they are working hard to control the issue! I wonder why
  8. It is what it is, Best of luck to you in this modern society! Eventually you will see lets not be blinded to reality.
  9. By Brian Carter Mr. President, I voted for you in 2008 and you have my support for a 2nd term as President. While I was initially hesitant during the primaries, I warmed to your ideas and inspiring message of change in Washington. Many of us had high hopes for a more effective government, one able to work toward the progressive change we desperately needed. Alas, the political realities burst that bubble all too quickly due in large part to a minority Republican Party determined to place its own designs on power above the needs of a struggling country. But many also found they could no
  10. Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration on Sunday announced the latest progress on building free houses for the country's homeless. Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki announced that the government is currently stepping up the construction for the free housing projects. He emphasized that compensation will be given to those wandering the country's streets with no roof over their heads due to war and violence, specifically those homeless women and victims' relatives, as well as those oppressed during Saddam's administration. It was ann
  11. Hopefully Maliki will have everything implemented soon, I dont believe he's going anywhere.
  12. Iraq rise will upset OPEC power balance By Una Galani and Christopher Swann, Reuters Iraq’s rise is upsetting OPEC’s power balance. For the last decade, the oil cartel has let the Gulf country produce crude without an output quota. The exemption allowed Iraq the freedom to invest in its war-damaged oil industry. That reconstruction is picking up pace – production is now higher than before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Iraq is set to overtake Iran as OPEC’s second biggest producer. The rapid increase in output is an urgent challenge for OPEC’s oil ministers who are meeting this week in Vien
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