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  1. ... wonder where they got that tidbit from that led them to that conclusion. If one of their employees is doing his homework over there, i'd sure like to take him to happy hour & pick his brain!
  2. Way to pull a skunk out of a hidey hole there, Brother! These O supporters need a genuine wake up call. Notice they didn't push for a verification of legit votes with the same fervor they went after Bush with....?! Too many akorners, dead folks and unAmericans votin' there... Yup, yup, yup... it's not a colour thing - it's an educated, involved, aware, consciousness, intelligence thing. duh "Let The People Know The Truth..."
  3. I cancelled my land line, fired verizon, told Dish TV to take a hike. Got my AT&T cell phone & they gave me a HUGE discount on a HOTSPOT (that works GREAT!, even in my car and all over everywhere i go!), and a great deal on my DirectTV with a level 3 channel line up, plus another cell phone for me dear ol' Dad and the whole 3-way kit n' kaboodle is less than $100.00 p/month and I only have to write one check! SCORE!
  4. So true! Now, it's not nice to call other people names, Mamma didn't raise me like that, but suffice to say BM (apt initials) is using oxygen better spent on the rest of humanity.
  5. Don't laugh, we may actually have to begin another canal soon - here in the western hemisphere. Certain US Presidents allowed the Panama Canal to slip through our fingers and now the Chinese are running the joint down there with a solid foothold on our side of the world like they've always wanted. It'll become a bone of commerce-contention soon as the fiscal scales continue to tip precariously agin' us... and we'll have to avail ourselves of the hospitality of Honduras or some such country to hook up our independence again in that regard. (Wow, heck of a "shovel ready project" that'd
  6. Atta Girl Carla! Ya Paul Revere'd it alright. Thanks a million for taking care of us again... (that makes TWICE today you've pulled me out of a jam!)
  7. Heartwarming to see these folks standing up for themselves, just like in a real Democracy. They have hazardous jobs, which they've done for almost a decade - and lost comrades in doing so - and they want permanent status in their job, a little hazard-duty pay and have succinctly stated their case to the powers that be... By Jiminy Good for you! Sending positive prayers your way that your wishes be granted.
  8. Got a guy over here at my end hanging on every word this cat puts out there, laying out his clothes on Thursday for an appointment he made for Friday at his bank. A true believer in the GianniWig Army. Wonder what the banks gonna tell my friend when he gets there... besides "Sir, you can't come in here naked".... (I'm hiding his clothes thursday night)
  9. You're my new hero. Call me, we'll go together!
  10. You're sweet enuf just as you are! Sharin' the love!
  11. Trying to find out from Gianni Wig if Forex indeed closed down this afternoon... anybody got his number?
  12. My dog doesn't care what I look like and with this many Dinar in my hand, neither does anybody else!
  13. ...[whispering a whine] ...but I wanted pizza pie!
  14. Affirmative, Sir. Carrying on. (and putting down the fork!)
  15. Just got a barrage of e-mails from a fellow Vet, seems he threw out an intel cast net and caught all kinds of things: An ohio man o' the cloth summoned by his gov't to verify validity his dinar note, Forex soon to close for a bit - what could THAT mean?, some clairvoyant medical patient saying "it's happening tonight", a "major" financial institution in the swampy south staying open "as long as it takes" and will serve up pizza pie until everyone's been accommodated, on and on... Now that's a netful... so, my question is: should I get a fork and get ready to dig in, or is this just flotsam a
  16. New Gov't, New Year, New Hopes/Dreams... I respect the effort they are putting forth. Let's send good thoughts their way. GO RV!
  17. Thanks, Zig. Y'know, that internal strife has been going on in that region for thousands of years, how long would it have to remain at a dull roar for an RV to take place? Is there even a realistic window of opportunity considering the region we're dealing with here? I'd hate to think all is lost( because I'm a 'glass half full' type thinker/believer), but jeez looeez... I don't want to see this thing drag out another 8 years... i'm old AND tired!
  18. It seems imperative to them that they put on a good face in the international community. Nice to see it seems they care and want the respectability and clout that comes from being a legit global entity. But can the internal strife jeapordise these efforts and throw it all backward regardless of such effort? And if so, what does that mean to us (RV'ers)?
  19. I'm curious, too. Did he purchase then re-sell dinars at inflated prices, perhaps?...
  20. Some foreign currencies are minted in U.S. Where is theirs minted, anybody know?
  21. If they want more legit NID's over there I know where they can get some...
  22. Being involved w/ recovering troops on the mend and those learning to live w/ their new limitations as they move forward with these new challenges, I believe this is a HUGELY important service to them. Anyone willing to go in and G.I. Party for these soldiers is a unique kind of Angel and we thank you! Stand fast in your mission and God Bless!
  23. SgtFuryUSCZ


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