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  1. Roger that, NSTOOLMAN. We all know he's partial to his leftist "news" sources, and we feel pity for him... poor UMBE. He does profess to love n' adore US, yet won't forsake his kommie idiot-ology... failing to understand how We The People got to be the admirable great n' wonderful way we are. It's real conundrum. He's like the little mentally co-opted snowflakes we see buzzing around Ocasio-Cortes & Crazy Bernie, they can't help themselves either & seem content to let others do their thinking for them... and seem to like it that
  2. Food can be scary... Beware the Tryptophan today.... causes drowsiness leading to missed football games !
  3. Thanks, YaTHUG ! Hope ya found yer Turkey Eatin' Pants & are bellyin' up to yer feast shortly! .
  4. "Little Michael" is already being reviled by the left for using his own money. They don't want him in the debates. Pochahontas & Bernie-the-kommie are already squawkin'.... Those on the left who love to change/ignore the Rule of Law are hardly likely to bend over backwards for him unless he can make the donations grade. Leftists say they hate Trump so much, why would they vote for a center-left version of him... He's on an apology tour already begging forgiveness for alienating folks of colour and slappin' a soda tax on US. We like
  5. Yup. That's how socialism/communism works, Dinesh. Take everything from The People, feather their own nests, leave the populace destitute, starving & broken, then tell them you n' your kommie elite are the only ones that can help them. Cortez is another little kommie tool invented by the left and groomed to be their House "resistance" agitator in order to garner the young vote - who's minds have already been co-opted by their campus operatives poisoning our youth. She, like Ho'bummer, is an object built from whole cloth for a spe
  6. Stick to the flies, Frog.. more protein, less calories ! We'd tell you to keep it lean, but you already know Miss Piggy is "the other white meat" ! Soo-Wee toad !
  7. THUG ! The ClownNewsNetwork brought the goods ! Thank you for your posts !
  8. Thank you LGD for keepin' it real up in here ! Like CAZ1104 sez.... gotta separate the wheat from the chaff and consider the source ! We've all wasted countless hours here debunking the leftist tool MSM in our fight to keep America Free... even when we encounter a "ya can't fix stupid" scenario, we don't give in... nor give up ! A mind is a terrible thing to waste... and we'll even attempt to free the co-opted minds of our resident kommie tools here ! Like President Lincoln said : "Let The People know The Truth and The Country is s
  9. Good on ya! Coz ya know darned well, based on the last 11 years in D.C. especially hell is 'SRO' !
  10. That's why we, too, said it'd be different now... ultimately, his Patriotic American Capitalist heart wouldn't stand for it.
  11. Thanks. Good to see someone over there is paying attention in class. But those affected bear watching... as they're sure to be embittered into siding with Iran in trying to strangle Iraq's chances. Accustomed to being powerful, they're sure to be fickle once cut off at the knees. Allegiance was there as long as the mighty Yankee Dollah was & they were "gittin' theirs", but once tossed out into the desert, they may point their caravans toward Iran's corrupt leadership, where they're sure to feel right at home again amidst the massive corrup
  12. Damn skippy ! As long as the natives are restless when sitting down to table after struggling to provide for their families, The gubment will have to keep running the risk of losing their support... ... which is just what Iran is hoping for.
  13. Thanks, GREGHI... Any positive distraction from the unsettling news coming out of Iraq lately helps. Wonder if anyone in the gubment over there might get the bright idea that giving the people's currency some teeth would help. Now THAT would be a welcome distraction from all the fighting!
  14. Worth every penny. Continue to Pray for & support our Troops out there, folks !
  15. Tell it to India & China. And San Francisco... and L.A. and N.Y.C.
  16. Shouldn't be forced on anyone. Parents should be allowed to pick & choose what their children are exposed to. "Story Hour" at a publicly-funded venue shouldn't mean some kids have to be excluded from the event because their parents have Faith-based values. "PBS" already takes our money & shoves left-wing agendas down our throats regularly and that's bad enough... But THIS...?
  17. Another little Patriot to add to the ranks ! Congrats, ya'll ! So wonderful ! Blessed again ! ❤️
  18. She's too busy spyin' for the dirty Chi-Coms to care about what's going on domestically. She's already thrown in the towel on trying to appear bi-partisan by conceding to the radical kommies in her coven and jumping on the "impeach Trump" wagon. She drinks herself into a stupor every weekend - on our dime - as she & her friends & cronies fly over our Republic at - our expense - and are all so lit by landing they wouldn't see a 10 foot turd rolling down the road at 'em. She closes the door of her manse & rolls around on her massive
  19. The Schiff Schitt Show is over. They've exhausted anything & everything their deep state tools could 'conjure' up for that center circle act. Scrambling behind the scene(s) of the REAL Investigators' upcoming Reports, we're curious to see what B.S. their evil coven will cook up / invent next. All their perspiration is turning to desperation as their useful idiots who tried to bring down our Republic are about to face the music for their evil deeds. We hope it can be proven that their "resistance" movement goes all the way to the top
  20. The Kennedy Clan was their own brand of "deep state" operatives. Ask any free Cuban, for one. From Papa Joe's massive bootlegging empire, to the nepotism, (and the left screams hypocritical bloody murder about Trump's family!) to the sex scandals that would make Trump blush. Their "Camelot" empire had their fingers in more political pies and illicit goings-on than ya can shake a stick at. Still, we have to agree with LGD, the local kommies/socialists/resistance tools would not have the foothold they have today had he seen out h
  21. Shout out & congrats to "GrandPa" Joe on the Court's affirmation of son Hunter's paternity results for his out-of-wedlock child ! All that money Papa Hunter absconded with from 'Brr'isma will go to a good cause... child support ! Too bad 'GrandPa' Joe won't acknowledge the poor innocent little child. He'll take credit for creating a money-grubbing, talent-less thief of a druggie son, but not for an innocent babe born from it's 'wood'.
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