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  1. Between Billy boy's & his evil bride's involvement with this and their antics on an island with the dead pedophile coming to light, they AND their lawyers are all gonna be pretty busy!
  2. Wow. But not surprising... as she also adores & reveres that massive racist beeyatch that founded Planned Parenthood.
  3. We'd love to contribute but, sadly, have NO techno skills to accomplish this. We both still have teradactyl phones, don't do the Faceboogers, SnappyChats or any of that stuff. We still take pictures with ancient Kodak cameras, and drive cars who's fuses can be fixed with a piece of tinfoil from a Marlboro pack. But thanks for starting this wonderful thread... we're living through ya'll vicariously. ❤️ and enjoying it immensly!
  4. Gotta pay the bills. So let 'em rip... ...small sacrifice for all the swell stuff we all get/share here on THE best darned little website ever ! Thank you, Mr.Montana & DV Family for all things great n' wonderful here !
  5. Right, SAGE. As the left continues to strip society of morality, God & goodness, the masses are left with no moral compass to guide them... ... as the left waits in earnest to "deliver" them from their plight. That's right, kommies... YOU built that,
  6. He's heard his team's lies so many times, it's just a background noise for him now.
  7. She's a sadly demented old bat on a broom with no moral compass. She & Ruthie Ginsberg both need to be put in a home where Jimmy Carter can serve them Mint Juleps and iron Ruthie's lace collars and Uncle Joe Biden can chase them around the Canasta tables.
  8. These kommie swampinistas trying to pull off this coup & overthrow our Republic are sick. They're soul-less monsters void of all decency & morality. Sickening.
  9. Hey, kommie canadian tool... where's YOUR 2%, bro...? Pay up or shut up.
  10. How about those of US that liberated ya'll from Sadaam...? And still have your back against Iran...? Time to "liberate" the value of our IQD's, yo.
  11. EXACTLY ! Just remember this one thing about the leftist tools... (other than the fact that they're mostly incredibly ignorant about Truth, Justice & The American Way...) everything evil they accuse the Conservatives of doing / being is usually what THEY themselves are guilty of, not US ! Remember their kommie mantra ==> Lie - Deny - DEFLECT.
  12. And the numbers are growing everyday as the left continues to alienate The American People with their lies & deceit. They can't even run a simple Congressional 'Hearing' with any Truth & Justice. Every American needs to understand that if they can do what they're doing to Trump, THEY're Rights are the next to go ! The left does NOT care about Truth, Justice & The American Way. Period.
  13. Good. Unlike team Ho'bummer - who gives guns & money to terrorist groups whilst telling our Troops we're not allowed to fight back, this Commander-In-Chief is no apologist and certainly no coward !
  14. Terrorist-lover Omar is in this Country ILLEGALLY. Typical of the left to put illegal aliens first & American Patriots last.
  15. Has he paid US Taxpayers back yet for all the Federal Funding Dollars he's received...? Just curious....
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