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  1. Dinarbelievernot really needed. You will see other countries abandon the dollar before it gets to that Point. I hope it does not get that bad, but it coild really not needed, is what I meant
  2. Thug your still the man! Umbertino glad to see you. Rod nothing but love for you brother. Texas 1 Get rid of Jerry Jones? Who is going to fire the owner? docneedles, Maggie, ronberta, tank dude I am not as familiar with you but that does not reduce your value. First of all, please be advised I am not returning from the middle east, although I have been there in the last year. Those who know me know I am an Invasive Cardiovascular Specialist, and am finally getting home from a few travel assignments. I was pretty regular when I was home all the time. I have been taking travel assignment for the last year and happen to be home for a few days. Yeah it does still look like a war zone over there. I was in Iraq in September visiting buddies of mine that work in the private security sector. It is getting better but a long way to go still. In my opinion the elections are important, but are not going to lead to a RV. China is highly vested in the process, and in my opinion have more influence than we do. The big picture is the US losing the status as the global monetary reserve. There are a few things happening here in the US that has the remainder of the world uneasy. We need to take a closer look at that as citizens. If you research it, you will find that there are countries that are not dealing with US currency, or at least at a very small rate. Check China and South Korea. There was a time that countries had to convert their currencies into US dollars to deal in the global market. This process is going away. There is a big push for a new leader in a more stable currency for global trading. Guess what country has the edge? From what I am hearing is Iraq would be silly to try to force a RV with a US backed Global currency that is as stable as a hippo on stilts. They would benefit more from a wait and see approach, incase there is a shift in the global standard. I hate to say this, but we have one of the weakest currencies in the world. Debts coming due and we just keep printing money to cover it. I think it will be time to pay the piper pretty soon. New laws coming in July. Not trying to scare people, but our Government is putting out information to calm the population. I think we are heading into a less than powerful position globally. Iraq would benefit by waiting. China would benefit greatly if the could convince them to wait. Check out IMF's view of the US dolar
  3. Hey all who know me. I am not sure how to handle the crowd because I have been gone so long. That being said, lets get right at it. I do not think we will see any RV any time soon. If you don't know me, don't bash me. The truth is I don't care. Those who do know me can validate me if they want. I have mentioned before that I think we need to look at China as a leader in this, and have not given much insight other than that. I still can not say much more without speculating, but with some research people can make their own decisions as to the validity of my comments. The US is losing the recognition as the global reserve currency. I do not think we will see a RV no matter what happens until after July 1st for a few reasons. I will not go into economic lesson but research HR 2847. Now I would expect you to research it, not just read into what you see in the foreground. The good thing is that foreign investment is a good thing, it will just be harder to trade. There are a few people that I hope to reach with this post. If you have my # please call me. To all the people that know me I would like to say hey. I am back in the US for a couple of weeks, and will try to check out this sight. If you ask direct questions I will try to give direct answers. I don't think we shall se RV in 2014. Forgot that. Sorry
  4. HCL next week from what I am told. I would be amazed if it doesnt happen. It is all when they show it. From what I am told it is all wrapped up, and has been for a long time. Still BUCS fan. Damn that hurts to say. Hope you are well brother. I see you hiding done there. Whats up Bump I'll be good In the past I think I said 1 year, even I get more optamistic when thing start to happen.
  5. in that scenario 10 x investment Ronberta - Wish I could tell you something concrete. Only thing I can say as advice is if you see 0.10 USD to 1 IQD cash out enough to recoop investment. Then play with the houses money. I dont know how far back you can go on my posts, but check 11Bravo. I have always thought straight RV 6months to 1 year after chapter 7 lifted. still my hope. I know people want it now, but I beleive this would give us the best return. However a managed float benefits Iraq more. Also more money for people there with money and lower class does not make out as well. Easier to control the poor. The managed float makes it easier for investor to see return on immediate input needed for infrastructure and so on. Put all scenarios in a hat and pull one. We are all probably wrong.LOL Really?
  6. What I am talking about is a staged release of demoninations, with a call on larger bills. With an internationally recognized currency they can not manipulate prize at different locations, but they can control currency availability. Currency still tradable but call on large bills causes people vested to have to cash large bills, not exchange them for smaller ones. Staged release allows this to happen several times, while saving the cost of currency production all at one time. Remember if you had to cash out your large bills you are going to pay service fees, Now if this happened every 10% increase after initial call you will have to pay cost to cash out and re-buy. This cuts the margin to a level that does not make cents. I know the right spelling. LOL
  7. To all here, nothing said was to be a putz. I have to go to hospital. Leave questions if you like, I will try to answer or just say hey later. 11Bravo out
  8. I didnt ask any questions requarding that topic. Selfish, but doesn't aply to me. lol I do know CBI wants them gone, or playing ball like good boys and girls. CBI and WARKA do not have a good relationship, and I believe CBI has the juice. Sorry not any help. I will ask a question or three this weekend if I have the chance. I am not confused at all just used my example with easy numbers for the masses, but thanks for the lesson. We can talk about true value of currency and rate differential on import export if you like, just not the right place. Truely Dont mean to be an azz.
  9. No need. Until sanctions where lifted they could not do anything so why bother. Easier to keep on back burner. Amos9:13 I think 80% is a bit high, but if you had to pay 20% of your net worth out would you rather do it at 10 points or 1000 Yes same rate everyplace. Only change in this scenario is control after first turn with time limit on large bills. Nothing new
  10. Hello Vets From what I am led to believe HCL is a done deal, and has been for quite some time. I am not hearing anything different at the present time, nor would I expect to. Most of the people I talk to are pretty solid that way. Those who know me will testify to that. Now, let’s get to money. Although I have nothing with certainty, I am hearing talks about a managed float . The issue is how to get to a true value of the IQD while keeping as much of the profit for Iraq. Don’t beat me up, this is just one scenario I have been hearing. I will use US currency for an example. Let’s say in our currency $100 was our smallest bill and equal to $1.00 $1000 = $10.00 $10,000 = $100 If our government new the true value of our currency was what it is now, how could we RV to that rate knowing that much of our currency is in different countries, without giving other countries the same benefit we should get. Plus we didn’t want the expense of producing a complete new currency. I have it! Most countries and investors have our largest bill. Lets make a $10.00 = to $1.00 as rate floats up and recall the $10,000. The key would be to keep the $10 in country as much as possible. Out of country investors would have no option the exchange currency, instead they would have to cash out. Yes they could re-buy but now we are selling our currency because it has value, making money, not because as before it was not worth. No straight exchange for new bills. Banks clean up on fees. Maybe we can totally stop out of country new purchases, which would be extremely difficult, but if possible, it would limit investor profits to 10X them we could release new $1.00 bills and get rid of $1000. In this scenario who ever has smallest bills now wins most. That is the people in country, not investors. Just a theory that was kicked around in conversation with some pretty smart people I know. I hope this is not the case, if so it would also be hard to get currency back into country for lower denoms, but well worth it if you could. Be advised that I do not have any information that this is happening, just a theory that has been talked about by people close to the money. Okay, let the beatings begin. 11Bravo
  11. always in the shadows. lol Remember my opinions on timing after chapt 7 lifted. I wont state it again, could get shot. But it does open thing up for developement in Iraq. Hope it brings the big RV, but I am excited about other possibilities. RV will come, just dont buy into anyone knowing for sure. As I have said in the past, nobody will be able to tell you when it will happen. I dont care how well connected they say they are. However it is possible to tell if it is not going to happen with almost 100% certainty with the right connections. I have always told you when I could that I was sure it was not going to happen. Well I cant tell you that any more!!!! At this point I have my opinions of timing, but now I am also part of the hopefull masses. I am waiting for a couple of calls this weekend, If I get any good info I will put up a post. If not, I will try to stay a bit closer then I have been. Construction could be big in the near future over there. Just saying. Cant give investment advice or company names, but there may be some big contracts coming. Wouldnt know how to handle a Happy Clown.LOL
  12. Just stopped by to see all the excitement. lol Interesting time now. Now things can start happening. As soon as Kuwait is paid off, things will start rolling. Should start looking at investments in country.
  13. IMO HCL has to be finalized for this to happen. SHHHHH it is already done just waiting.
  14. Deadlines mean absolutely nothing. Never have.
  15. Thug, you should have EasyRider read that article you just posted. Funny timing right? The development of the infrastructure is a definite sign of stability. Iraq can not do this themselves, the global need may speed up RV to get this done, Other option is big investment of time and money from other countries. By global need I mean the need for oil, not the RV. If I could give you a company name to look at I would, but I am in a position that it would be very bad for me. I am invested in a few companies in Iraq and other countries. WINK WINK That is all you get guys. Please us your time wisely and do some research online. Might be a good time to invest in other areas if it is possible. I realize this is not an option for most, and I have always said DO NOT OVER EXTEND YOURSELF!!!!!
  16. Now, if you cant trust a clown, who can you trust? Hope all is well Thugster. Those were the picks for Sundays games. As for the Superbowl, J Harbaugh will win this one. You can take that to the bank! LOL
  17. Also in the same post I read they say the international rate is 3-4 times higher then in country rate. What? Are you serious. Lets stand with one on each side of the border and get ritch. I highly advise listening to these post. They will not leave a bad taste in your mouth, and will always tell you what you want to hear. Good luck all Bravo Gone!
  18. Please be advised, China not in control, US not in control. Watch for Construction contract going to China for infrastructure. Would give you a company name to search, but can not at this time. Research research research. Thought that was your deal easy. See ya next quarter, or follow the gurus and get ready to cash out. Hear it RVed at 91 cents today posted in Irag newspaper, as per another post. I cant seem to find that article, but I am sure they would not mislead me. Also claimed that was 1USD per. 0.90 Dinar. Hate to be a stickler but that is more then 91 cents. Details Details Details.
  19. that is a good start, now read international news and news out or Iraq. This will give you some real good insight as to why. Now if you had an opportunity to actually speak with people that have BIG businesses in the area, and a good pulse as to what is really happening you might have something. Or, just say it will RV tomorow, and call yourself a Guru. No Guru status for saying no RV. Thats my nitch. try searching Guru with a Guarantee
  20. summer is not in the first quarter. LOL Please remember I have always said stability before RV. If you start to see infrastructure improvements, that is just the start. It will not be a case of hey we have started building and pow it RVs. Dominoes will start to fall quickly once it starts. IMO Estimate 1 year from start of development. SORRY
  21. do just a bit of research. look for old posts by 11Bravo. In the past I would post, then in a few days or a week post articles that just happened to validate what I had presented to the group. I no longer have the time or desire to validate what I have posted. Hopefully members here will give you the insight you need. If you respect people like Sonny1, you can see some debates in the past. I give him much respect, but feel if you check a bit you will see I am not just full of shiz
  22. Also keep in mind I would love to be wrong, just do not think (100% sure) it will be this time. Sorry if injecting some reality brings the rumor section down
  23. no prob SnowGlobe. Ask people here you know and trust, they will let you know what I am about. Thug might even put in a good word for me.
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