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  1. I understand Trump has 43 million in Dinar, don't know how to verify
  2. Question about Warka USD and IQD accounts! Would it be better to send US dollars to your USD Warka account, then request all or part be converted over to your IQD account rather than buy Dinar uncirculated bills here in the US? In other words you could buy 1,000,000 worth of Dinar bills here in the US for about $1040 or you could wire the $1040 over to your USD Warka account. Is there any advantage to either?? Dave
  3. Thursday, I wired money to Waka Bank via Chase Bank If you try to set up a wire with your online banking account, then the IABN comes into play and we do not have that and Warka Bank emailed me back and said I did not need it, but you do if you are tring to set it up with your online account!!! However when I went into a Chase Bank here and let them send the wire, ($45.00 Fee) it was no trouble because their system has the IBAN interally in their system, so this is the least path of resistence. I told them I was wiring money over to my son's Germany account, ( he is working over there) and
  4. Well that makes me about 3 days older than you as I am new as of 12-27-11!! Daved142
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