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  1. The only reason Pelosi is around now is that she dated John Kennedy in the early years.
  2. At the beginning of this thread, I thought that this was going to be a quick thing, like get in before the end of the month, being that shorts have a short life span. I didn't know that it was going to take this long.
  3. I'm hoping that Adam's up-and-coming chat will bring some clarity to this rash of news about the exchange rate.
  4. MM - 12 45 46 64 65, MB - 05 PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  5. He commented on the maintenance update a couple days ago, and he said that he was going to post an update soon (in a couple of days). If you ever want to find Adam's latest post, just search on his name and his posts are in order newest to oldest.
  6. PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  7. PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  8. Oh, yeah... Let me enter my numbers before I forget... MM - 12 45 46 64 65, MB - 05 PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 04 Annndd... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  9. No, just the increase in murder homicides here in Columbus. It keeps going up and up.
  10. MM - 12 45 46 64 65, MB - 05 PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  11. PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And....... may the odds be ever in our favor! (Big Money)!
  12. Big Money! PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  13. Long ago, my parents talked about how crooked the Kennedy election was. Guess it's something that's been around for a while.
  14. To clarify... I'm not saying that the NRC is not a good oversight group... I've worked with them and counted on them for support. They're just going to slow you down. As Ronald Reagan said, the last thing you want to do is to answer the door and hear a guy say, " hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". Also, the typo above is "wall" , not "walk". As always, best wishes to everyone.
  15. My post above was about time, not safety. Being in the business for about 35 years, I credit myself to know a little about nuclear power. We have INPO here in the states for oversight. We have the IAEA and WANO as oversight groups in the world organizations. In the 70's US nuke plants were running about 75% of the time. INPO was founded (after TMI), and by the 90's they were running about 92%. Three Mile Island was pure human error, but proved that the safety design works... Containment and redundant systems. No hazard to human life and the environment. Chernobyl, operated out of their design basis; wrong person in charge; no containment system. Their thought was, if you need a safety system, you don't have faith in your design... A reactor in a pole barn ain't going to do it. Nuff said. Fukushima, the Design Basis called for a walk to guard against a 20 foot tsunami... They got hit by a 30 foot tsunami. That's why we didn't or won't built nuclear electric plants in Hawaii. China bought four Westinghouse AP1000's in 2012 and the design wasn't even done yet. I think the first one went operational in 2019, maybe earlier. But, if you were to purchase a existing design plant... like those at Palo Verde Nuclear... You could beat that in today's environment.
  16. Well said, Luigi... I wouldn't be pulling any last day shenanigans at work thinking I'm going to quit.
  17. You could build a nuclear-electric power plant in 5 years, easily... As long as you don't have the NRC on your shoulder.
  18. Hello DV Lottery Players! First round of drinks are on me when we meet to cash in. May the odds be ever in our favor! MM - 12 45 46 64 65, MB - 05 PB - 12 45 46 64 65, PB - 05
  19. About a year ago I was going to my chiropractor on a pretty regular basis to resolve some spine issues from an auto accident. I told him that I hate to stop for lunch at work because it takes me about 15 minutes or so to warm up and start moving my muscles and joints again. You might know what I mean... mainly, that slow rise from the chair as you try to straighten your back; that waking in the morning and sitting on the edge of the bed about to stand up and move. He says, "Oh, that's a common thing. The calcium in your body is dropping out of solution and coating your joints like hot wax. Then it cools off and you're stuck warming it up to move again. You need phosphorus in your diet to keep the calcium in solution." So he gives me this Phosfood Liquid and Calcium Lactate by Standard Process to start using and within a few days, I can get right up from lunch and go back to work like a young man... maybe even better. It has to be the most terrific bit of advice I ever got! It has changed my life. This is amazing stuff! Yes, I'll start to get lazy and not take it... but, sure enough, I start feeling the hot wax effect some time later. I also tried the Phosphorus without the Calcium Lactate... It doesn't work as well... sort of a synergistic affect. (i.e., 1 + 1 = 3). I put 10 or 11 drops of Phosfood in a glass of water and drink it, or take the eye-dropper full and shoot it on the tongue. Two tablets of calcium lactate. Once in the morning and once at night. One thing Doctor John said that made really good sense to me... "why do you think they put phosphorus in horse feed... you don't want a race horse with stiff joints, do ya"? I just received these reordered products from amazon and thought, you know I should really tell the DV family about this. It may help a few members. Standard Process has great daily vitamins and other supplements too. This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor, but I have slept at a Holiday Inn. Do your own DD. Like Jackie Gleason said years ago on the Johnny Carson Show, "I don't condone going out to the bars and drinking before going to the studio, but it worked for me"! Best wishes to all!
  20. I talked to a lady at work last week who visits those pumper trash sites always talking about next weekend and 800#'s. She's been on edge for the past several years... I recommended she break that habit, visit dinar vets only sign up for the text service, and/or I'd let her know if something substantial is happening. Multiply her by a few million people... So, your right MarkB57... lots out there.
  21. PB - 12 45 56 64 65, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!!! At least $392M cash option... A million here, a million there... pretty soon you're talking about some real money...
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