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  1. Can you guys fix that for me? I asked Adam who his contacts were in Iraq and the CBI and i got banned....i thought those kinds of things only happened on Okie and Franks websites... I respect Adam, thats why i asked the that i could verify some of the information myself
  2. My understanding of this was that it's not actually considered income till its been converted Wired from Warka to a US bank account and converted to USD...Do you think this is accurate
  3. IF WE IGNORE SPREAD(i.e. the cost the bank charges for the exchange over or below exchange rate) then in your situation, where it RD's 3 zero's and THEN RV's you will get $25.... But there is much more to it then that....Hopefully someone else can explain better, i'll end up getting to technical...
  4. The facts i've read say he's mad at him because he won't provide a loan to the government
  5. Rediculous, because of the 2nd ammendment, this is just false... I hope this junk wasn't REALLY put out by Rand Paul because it would show he has NO idea how our government works
  6. The difference between Bush and Obama is When Bush makes a choice he doesn't listen to anyone about how much of a fail it is...When Obama has an idea, he lets everyone change it INTO a fail Obama IF obama grew the set that Bush had and followed through on his campaign promises instead of just doing as the Repugnants tell him....He'd have been one of our greatest presidents EVER....Bush was a fail SPECIFICLY because he didn't listen to what anyone told him and just did things his own way
  7. I am about as far to the left as any one person can be...Not just because i'm educated, have a good job, don't live in a trailerpark in the south and actually care about my fellow man, but because i believe this country was built BY the people FOR the people and the corporations and the uber-rich are a VERY small percentage of 'the people'....But to get back on point... Even i won't be voting for Obama in 2012
  8. After i joined here i took awhile off of forums...just keeping up with the articles and the facts printed by the CBI...all the gossip on other sites drove me away and i believed the only real way to learn about the dinar was to focus on the true facts and to push any 'rumors' and 'intel' completely out of my mind..I think these are valid questions...Ju Since then, i've learned about everything there is to know about Iraq and the CBI....i've studied decades of their history, how their CBI was formed the governments they modeled their monetary policies, the monetary policies in surrounding areas, the way press releases are handled and distributed, Maliki's history, heck i even traded a little in the Forex to get an idea of how global currency exchanges worked on that end and more and more....I'm basicly on information overload now... As i'm looking at the forums, i notice ALOT of people that have been part of this speculation for less then a year...I think it would be nice if Adam or sonny1 would reiterate what their experiences are with the Dinar and foreign currency speculation in general....and how they came upon the knowledge they hold....I think these are valid questions....Being the Owner and operator of a forum (while i'm greatful for that) isn't a given that they know more then the average person
  9. Sorry didn't mean it to be disrespectful, just didn't understand what his history was with the dinar and why people came to him with question...I understand that he owns and runs the forum, so his experience with that is clear ...So i'd understand them coming to him about questions concerning the owning and running of the forum or setting up a Forum and chat site...Just not sure about about his history and experience with Iraq and the dinar...I mean he's NOT a guru making up things without people able to question those things or how he knows them... what is his experience and history with the Dinar? and how would/does he know things that other members of the forum don't?
  10. Adam, why should we come to you come to YOU with questions about iraq? Basicly, what makes what you say about Iraq and the dinar more valid then anyone else on this forum? ********** member was given a 36 hour ban for this post ************
  11. Yes, all of those things are looked at...But in the end an exchange rate is simply a math equation, M2 vs reserves....the other factors may contribute to weather of not a country is able to move toward a fractional reserve...But Iraq in no way is near being stable enough for the world to trust them with a fractional reserve for right now and atleast the next 10-15yrs, it will be just a simple math formula with Iraq
  12. Yah, with this Maliki/Shabibi arguement....there is nothing that can't happen now, while i still think a RV that is two high and isn't back by reserves is bad for the iraqi people...I can't rule out a RV overnight simply being put in place out of spite or a RD overnight for the same reason
  13. This Maliki/Shabibi fights are changing alot...i wouldn't bet on any horse right now
  14. IF they RV to .10 cents then remove three zero's that would make their exchange rate, $10 per you think that would work?
  15. Sorry, thought the misspelling was interesting....since it's my last name BUT BACK ON TOPIC...IS 368 STILL Iraq's code?
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