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  1. Que la terre te soit légère mon ami. Dieu t’a appelé pour des raisons plus importantes que nous puissions savoir. Peut-être tu as une mission plus importante dans une autre dimension plus élève que celle-ci. Que Dieu te bénisse. Translation to English The Earth either you light my friend. God has called you for more important reasons that we know. Perhaps you have a more important mission in another dimension higher than this. God bless you.
  2. Only God knows why he called him in. He was a good man, we exchanged pleasantries from time to time. RIP my friend, RIP.
  3. Dinaregotism To the members: when an Intel providers are saying things which are divergent to your belief or what you understand to be true, you can politely offer your contradictory view. If you remain unsatisfied, you might consider not visiting that chat-room or forum. If you have excess time in your possession and still fill the necessity to control the situation, you have a few of options: 1) regardless where you live, you will find institution in need of volunteers, especially if you live in Oklahoma. 2) You can create your own blog – website or forum. 3) You can make an appointment to a seasoned counselor. To the Intel providers: most people appreciate you giving your time for research and try to give us some sort of information on which to anchor our hopes and dreams. However, similarly to the members, you have a choice of voluntary presence or absence. There is no compelling reason for the lashing outs and the gargantuan egocentric displays. Frankly, a great majority of you is fenced by the depth of your universal knowledge. Some still share political, religious and hierarchical views which belong in the medieval era. Options for you would be: 1) Educate yourselves, America is great but there are other places, travel. 2) If you are looking for examples, you can start with BluWolf and Historian. 3) If the summit of your egotism is insurmountable, consider the same option 3rd offered to the members. The question that should be posed: with the self-righteousness demonstrated by most Dinarians, what kind of shape would America be if they became the new PTB? Frightful thoughts. Sivispacem Parabellum
  4. jehemev

    What if?

    Que se passe-t-il si le Président a été donné une option de fermer les impôts échappatoires des États-Unis ou voir l'USD face à une sévère dévaluation? Que se passe-t-il si l'autre côté a refusé d'obtempérer et l'USD perd 60 % de sa valeur actuelle? Que se passe-t-il si les républicains, qui ont été invités par le Président ont été informés de ce fait? Que se passe-t-il si toutes les recettes de pays influencent la croissance mondiale ? Que se passe-t-il si ces hypothèses sont faites nus? Peut-être ces phrases ci-dessus sont anodines, peut-être pas.
  5. jehemev

    What if?

    What if the president was given an option to close the US tax loopholes or see the USD face a severe devaluation? What if the other side refused to comply and the USD loses 60% of its present value? What if the republicans who got invited by the president were made aware of that fact? What if all countries revenues affect global growth? What if those suppositions are naked facts? What if? What if?
  6. Welcome to the other side of the argument. Excellent post.
  7. TerryK is the most honest of all intel providers, because he tells you to consider it as a rumor so what you do afterwards is on you.
  8. The same people who often say that Iraq does not have anything to do with the revaluation of their currency are the same people looking for a wall to stick it to whether it is Obama, the presidential election, Shabbibi, Maliki, La Garde, the fiscal clift, the budget, HCL, chapter 7, the seating of the GOI and the list goes on. I have this to ask them, when you go to a movie, do you ask the director, the cameraman and the stage artists for clues of the mystery or do you follow the actors for clues? We have to look at the developments in Iraq whether they are being told or not.
  9. Yes they are. I am very happy that you are blessed by things that God has given you (family), nothing can top that. But they have that too, if they become miserable is because they look for it. Yes God has blessed them with all you and I love and more... By the way I have 6 kids you have ways to go to catchup with my blessings LOL. Have a great day. God bless you and your family. How confident are you of your statement?
  10. 9/10 of my returns will go to humanitarian causes. It is necessary for some of us to feel that we are doing it for God. It pleases God more when we help our neighbor with the knowledge that we are doing it for mankind. I would like some biblical clarity on the purpose behind the abundant blessing of the Rothschild family.
  11. The God that I know is liberal enough to create all things even an ignoramus such as you. Are you part of fauna or flora? Beati paupers spiritu.
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