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  1. scottbenson8

    Need an opinion from the DV Christians

    I really appreciate your heart to search out all avenues for the Truth concerning giving of money for the work of the Lord. Usually I would'nt comment but as I like how you are responding I will throw in my 2 cents. The biggest part for me is having peace with my decision in giving. If our giving is to the Lord then I try to keep at the forfront of my mind that He has sent us the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us into a closer relationship with Jesus. So no certain rules can apply to spirit led giving that involves a Living God. I would pray and ask Him what He would like you to do and believe that He can speak clearly to your heart and give you peace with whatever decision you would make. I know there have been times I felt He told me to use the money i was going to give to the church to someone in need that was family or friend. I did'nt feel like I had to repay the church for not giving that week or month. As the Blood and Body of Jesus is the only thing that restores me to the Father, weather or not I give money can bring me no closer to God in it self. So my heart is clear to do whatever is true and just. Blessings
  2. scottbenson8

    Please explain the biblical references

    In my opinion of Babylon there certainly is valid scriptural references to Babylon being restored. Rather than looking at a Babylon having to have the same physical location. I think the part about World dominion is what we should pay attention too. A one world order and a one world currency. I believe that the important part of the tower of Babel was the scatering of the languages. This only comes back by a body of believers moving into an experience like that of the day of penticost when they heard everyone in there own language. The building of a psysical monument like Babel could never be done without a restoration of language and a body of believers who have encountered the Lord like that of the day of penticost would never build it because our focus is on building the spiritual temple to a place of restoration so the Lord could rest in fulness upon us. As far as the begining of the last days I believe that the Lord is the only one with the power to decide when to start the last days. Jesus tells us the signs to look for that show us we are living in those days right now. (rumors of wars, various earth quakes and many other signs).
  3. scottbenson8

    Please explain the biblical references

    Hi Chuck, I also have read some of the posts on here about what you are questioning and personally I think some of the references to certain scripture could be off in there interpretation. So I could not personally quote the references you asked about. But there is a couple of scriptures that I am standing on in my life and I can share them with you. The first one is Isaiah 60 and 61 I don't consider myself to be a theologan by any means but here is a general and basic understanding of part of these scriptures. In Isaiah 60, Isaiah is a prophet speaking about a time in the last days where God's people come into there spiritual inherentance in Him. You will notice many things that we will have in abundance when this happens. The main part about money in this scripture is in Isaiah 60:5 which states "The wealth of the nations shall come to you". ESV version Isaiah 61 continues the theme of the restoration movement in verse 4: "They shall build up the ancient ruins". This refers to the church in the book of Acts that moved in great signs and wonders. While many have the possibilty to become wealthy, those that the Lord has prepared will be able to get a foot hold on walking out these promises from the Lord. Blessings
  4. scottbenson8

    Documentation to Cash In at RV

    All currency will be verified if it is real at cash in time at the banks. I would just head down to office depo and buy a reciept book and send them one with the date of the sale and call it good, with a little thanks for your business card.
  5. scottbenson8

    Dinar Taxes - Attorney Breaks It Down

    Don't forget about the extended Bush era tax cuts to Capitol Gains. They expire at the end of the year. All Capitol Gains held more than a year are at 0% tax. For the first two brackets then 15% for the others. Here is one of many links that can be found on this. My link
  6. scottbenson8

    Has anyone received a Prophetic Word Regarding the Dinar??

    Yes I have recieved very much about the Dinar. I hope the Lord has you prepared what to do with the money.
  7. I had a dream 2 nights that malaki loses.
  8. scottbenson8

    Possum Had Voices Screech At Him All Night....

    The good voices dont screech. Just ask those voices if they delare that Jesus is the Son of God and see what they do!
  9. I've had a feeling about something significant in March happening for months. So being that i'm tired of being in poverty. March after the elections is looking like prime time. Since a voted in government has all the authority to do whatever it wants and who wants to be in charge of a broke country. I'm also believing in 2.50. If your going to dream dream big. If it go's over 3 then after taxes I still get my 2.50. Either way we win.
  10. scottbenson8

    RV Dreams

    There seems to be allot of discouragement concerning the RV or RI. So I am going to share some other dreams to encourage all of you concerning this. While some of what I share may seem strange each will have to take it or leave it. But it simply is what it is. The Lord has been giving me dreams in an increased capacity for the last year and a half. Only a few of them have been about the money that is coming, but most of them involve the money coming and using it in a very specific way for the expansion of the kingdom. After have dream after dream after dream you just come to a place where you just ok Lord if you are looking for someone to believe in the seemingly impossible then im your man. I know that I am only 1 in many that He is speaking to about the transference of wealth. Many times when I am in a tough spiritual battle the Lord will give me dreams concerning the demon or power that I am up against and how well I am doing in the battle. Some of these battles can last months or years of warfare and the only way I seems to get breakthrough is spending hours every day praying in my spiritual language. The Lord had my wife and I leave our jobs and were living in a travel trailer at her parents house. Both of our vehicle have been reposessed. We are way past the point of no return. The Lord has confirmed every step through dreams or people who dont even know us or what the Lord is doing in us. He said He is looking for faith when He returns and this is just one small step in the journey. I say all of this to get to a couple of dreams I had this last week. In one dream there was this large tower the height of a sky scraper but it was round like the leaning tower of pisa. It was made of stone and very large. In the dream I took out my sword and with one slice the tower fell. The tower then turned into a large snake and crawled away. only the remains of the foundation was left. The high place was destroyed. I have had dreams about 3 high places and this was one. The Lord has spoken to me about mammon or pharough what ever you want to call it. But the the Lord promised me 3 years ago that He would bring me out of debt and that I wouldnt leave this state in debt. He also told me that the way He would lead me would be unlike anything I have seen or heard and that the path would at first take me into great debt but that the end result would be financial freedom. Then last night I had a dream I was going down this path and I saw all the houses that used to be but they were all gone.( represents all of my relatives that have gone before me and the debt they had) Then at the end of the path was this large house, larger than all the ones I had seen. ( represents all of my debt in my life) Living in this house was a man and a woman and they were wicked. They asked me what I was doing there. Then the mans head exploded ( his head was made of peices of steel welded together) and his headless body was on the floor and the woman took off. But only his garment was there (like star wars obi kenobi when he died). Then my wife and I found the store room and it was full of candy (represents having liberty to enjoy wealth above and beyond just paying bills) and we plundered a bunch of it ( I filled my back back). The candy was king size but it was double king size snickers and three musketeers and other candy too. Then we were going to burn his house down( destroying or paying off debt). The warfare has been very intense this last month. Something is certainly going to shift. Other wise this demon who has hindered my life would not be getting taken out. Anyways I hope this encourages someone out there. God Bless
  11. Here is a link I found on the dinar rumor site , This article is a week old.
  12. scottbenson8

    The Quite Before The Storm

    I also have been feeling what you are describing. I was thinking of it the last couple of days and then I saw your post.
  13. scottbenson8

    RV Dreams

    My wife and I have been given many dreams about the dinar since last year. I had a man come to me in my dreams twice and told to focus on buying dinar. Then other dreams have followed concerning how to use it for ministry to empour others to come into the promises of God concerning their life. Last night my wife had a dream that a woman (angel) who was the ceo of the economic developmentation council was coming out of a building and all the news crews were gathered around waiting for her to come out. When she came out all the news media bum rushed her as she had a major announcement to make. I was kinda sleepy when she told me so I didnt hear her tell me the part about the ceo of economic developmentation council part. So when I was meditating to get the interpretation it came to me the woman was the same woman in some of my dreams that was giving me a new vehicle (ministry). As I told my wife what I thought she reiterated the other part I didnt catch. So we are feeling an announcment is ver soon.
  14. scottbenson8

    state of washington

    I live in Washington and no there are none that I know of. My dad and I both purchased from safe dinar. Great place with great reputation. They dont mess around.
  15. ive posted way to many times to still be posting

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