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  1. So I think its close to 10 yrs we have been in this. Our original investment (small by most standards) still in a safe box. I hardly ever come over here anymore.. Used to follow every day.. The roller coaster. Received adams email today and thought I would ask.. A new prime minister? Does anyone really feel something big is coming. So many have come and gone.. Bankrupting, dying, losing hope.. Just wondering...
  2. 1-6-2012 Guru Jonnywg i am not happy that yet again no RV but it appears the info coming out is declaring an end...i will continue to post and it still looks good...NEWS FLASH - IRAQI BORDERS JUST CLOSED...FOR CURRENCY NOT PEOPLE...We have just received verification of an earlier report That a major News source is reporting on the RV. Also that the Dong will RV at the same time. UST it appears is occupied with a paperwork BY verification team and it is NOW COMPLETED. We will have more info as it happens. They have no Reason to postpone so we still await results toDAY. Just wanting to know
  3. Randalln.. I have been following your recent posts, of course, like everyone else and I have just one question.. do YOU believe we will be able to cash out in OUR country here in America? My husband and I don't travel (yet) and have never even flown (again YET).. have no passports (so aren't into the warka/isx stuff) or people we know who could cash us out over there.. so the writin is on the wall for us if it only rv's in their country.. just askin.. and watchin.. and readin.. and waitin.. and hopin.. and dreamin... ya'all get it..
  4. I, too, have been censored on this site for a simple statement of perspective.. the last post I put up in response, which included an apology for my lack of information was monitored and never posted.. I actually tried to find your post and couldn't..
  5. I've taken most of the morning to think about these posts and what, if any, response I wanted to give.. or should give.. first and foremost what I will address is that no, not everyone has "discretionary" funds.. so that assumption is somewhat arrogant imho.. not bashin, just sayin. I cannot speak for all, but can speak for me, when I say that while I have not mortgaged my house to invest in the dinar, other things were sacrificed for a time for me to be able to do what I have... and if that is "just life", to let medical needs go on the promise of a better tomorrow, or another week of pean
  6. Am I the only one who has issues with the continued.. BECOME A VIP stuff.... many of us can't for obvious reasons and some not so obvious.. sort of makes me pissy when people do this cause then ya know, ur not getting all the information you could cause you don't have what it takes, which is what brought most of us here in the first place... hate this vicious cycle of the have vs the have nots.. same story on a different scale.. hate it.
  7. I tried to find a link but couldn't, but on the ticker line this morning while watching GMA, there was a headline there where Obama was saying that he expects the business sector to grow by 33% this coming year.. I was wondering if he felt that businesses would increase because of the influx of money from Dinar investors and what that would mean for our economy (but obviously won't say that).. otherwise where is the increase (that is a substantial amount) coming from.. are we bringing back production and such to this country and taking it out of foreign hands? Just wondering why he feels so o
  8. I truly believe it (the guru sight) began as a good thing and has become warped.. I love docs latest post..
  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you... at least for that form I now have a better understanding.. still don't know where he got his latest info from regarding penalties and all but guess at this point its a moot point!
  10. I was referencing the 8938 (?) form when I spoke of my advisor... this latest from tony seems to be different information than the other (8938)... THAT is why I am asking.. and isn't that why we are here.. to ask questions and bounce things off one another.. ??
  11. I wonder if he is just trying to get people to panic and dump their dinar??? hmmmm...
  12. You mean, for dinar that rv's and is exchanged, that you have held over one year (before the rv), the flat tax of fifteen percent will be charged... the government cannot charge us for the dinar UNTIL we have realized an American profit on it can they?
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