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  1. I have been trolling through this site for a few weeks and have read back through the WHOLE year!! I read 1000's of posts. You people are living a desperate dream! To see the desperation and the complete BS Hope is just plain sad! GURU's? Are you kidding me? This should be a comedy show!!! The word "INTEL" OMG!!!!!! People of the USA please understand that this will not happen anytime soon and when it does you WILL NOT make the millions you think you will. I feel really sorry for the people who haven't paid their bills BUT bought more DINAR instead..... CHRISTMAS WILL COME EARLY???? You people are living a LIE! I cant even believe this forum allows all these lies to be posted on a daily basis! WAKE UP PEOPLE................
  2. I m looking to purchase $1million in Dinar uncirculated notes. I am from Metro Detroit and would like to get them from someone local? Please email me: Thanks, i need a break...........
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