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  1. Biden: Middle class 'buried' the last 4 years the socialist have been in control for the past four years... blame it on Bush...
  2. "Karl Marx famously said" Marxist regimes murdered nearly 110 million people....
  3. "politico" LMAO liberal/communist news agency...
  4. don't worry if hussein gets elected again this will be an executive order by the communist in charge...
  5. you know what really is p*ssing me off is the fact that hussein obama is not attending the intellgent briefings and one of these breifings could be a breifing on how the radicals are going to set off a nuke or get a hold of pakistans nuke system and attacks YOUR neighborhood. This POS POTUS needs to be impeached, removed for deriliqet of duty.
  6. It is all part of hussein's communist manifesto...
  7. If Americans have not firgured out that this POS for POTUS is a muslim by now they will never get it...
  8. the idiot needs to be impeached, but that would be a racial statement for me to say.
  9. doesn't matter the head muslim in charge will just write a executive order and by-pass congress and congress will put their tail between their legs because if they say or do anything they will be called racist...
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