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  1. And yes I can argue the fact if a gun is preseent increases chances of wrongful death, truth is in a heated domestic case, yes guns are mentioned first but in hand to hand close quarters or while someone is sleeping a simple butter knife will provide the same result. If a person is raging out of control, which if raised better would decrease significantly, in a state of diress will resort to anything to terminate what is "causing or inflaming' that anger source, gun or no gun. No I'm sorry you will never win this difference of opinion, however, again we got to voice our opinions. Have a good night/ day. Your right about having alot more to worry about, there are new laws in legislation that will allow our government to send in military to our homes for incarseration, and as I understand, for apparent terrorist attempts, talks etc, of course thats just the beginning, snow balling from there to where? Remind you of anything......Hitler maybe? just food for thought, yes we have a lot more to worry about, the future of our children.
  2. I believe there is a night and day difference between the countries listed and the U.S. Most importantly the way they deal with criminals, laws and punishment are not a climate controlled cell with cable tv, food, clothing etc. I feel you have a history with either a close friend, family maybe yourself, none of my buisness, if so I have said a prayer for this circumstance, I can only hope some day things change and this world we live in is peaceful. As for winning this...technically you have, you have at least got to publicly announce your opinion of which I respect just have a different opinion, I grew up a police officers son, my views and opinions are based on things I see and saw growing up Best of luck to you, go RV! P.S. This world is not gonna get better over night, I hope you consider some of the posts and articles outside DV, re-address your opinion, enroll in a self defense class and learn to protect yourself and your family as your fore fathers have protected our freedoms. Because the ones you are concerned about are already carrying.
  3. I wonder if we can get some sort of partial or full disability for being on this investment. haha Love this stuff Thanks for the posts
  4. People are different today, our children, teenagers and such have very little respect for money, work, beliefs and I feel most importantly respect, taking the guns away will not change our world, I'm guessing here but I bet more people in the U.S. are killed by drunk drivers and deer/ car accidents, are we to take beer and cars away? If people are raised with better values and taught to respect elders, money, possesions etc., we wouldnt have the problems we do. I don't know how to answer your question directly, my guess would be population, easier to babysit 20 people versus millions. Be sides back then, children were worried about getting chores done and getting an education for a better life not what cartoon was next or why couldn't they chat on facebook or play video games till midnight let alone on a school night. If it wasn't for guns, pride, respect and the will of people to die for our country we would not be having this discussion.
  5. Just gets better and better........I think, not good for the sleep average, blood pressure, diet, social life....gotta love it. So when it RV's after Vegas what we doin next??????? Thanks seetrader
  6. You seem well educated, however I find it very difficult how a mechanical device kills someone without an operator, How difficult is that to figure out? Maybe if our governments quit slapping the hands of troubled minors, and sending them back on the streets just to increase their knowledge of less than appropriate behavior over and over>>>why wouldn't they nothings gonna happen till they are 18 (for the majority). Maybe then the world will see a more peaceful world, a respected world. Just my opinion p.s. ITS NOT THE GUN THAT KILLS..........The problems we see today start in the homes of the young children living in a home not being taught respect, pride and work ethics (try hiring good help these days), these killings, crimes, abuse of welfare, neglected families and children will not change until good ethics are restored in the home, it will take years.
  7. Nope, my dogs were sleeping here in Oklahoma!ha Thanks for the smiles and look forward to the updates on your friend.
  8. If we buy you enough of those drinks are ya gonna tell us where you parked your truck with all that dinar in it? lol, we will give half to churches and charity!
  9. Follow the news not thr gurus, you have a little better chance of being right!
  10. Now we have 911 gurus, Dinar gurus, Obama gurus, guess its true everyone has an opinion, but if you cant back your theory with evidence......its GOSSIP.
  11. That qualifies you to be a Guru! hahahahah, LOL, just playin round
  12. Not sure anyone has done a great job1 All they had to do was what was laid out in front of them and they can't follow a simple set of instructions to get the tasks at hand done, let alone in a timely and professional manner! Maybe some day things will work out for the Iraqis but somebodies gonna have to pull their head out of their ASRE! and become a leader and get things done. JMO of course
  13. I remember walking 3 miles to town, through pastures, and that big ole scary Bull!, to get one of those orange sodas for .10$ Man, life was pure and simple back then. I thank God I was able to experience those days before life got in a hurry.
  14. They sure have a lot of opprotunity over there, sure wish they would try to capitalize on it by uh...well....maybe an RV already and really capitalize!!!!! Thanks for the post1
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