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  1. Hi TexasGranny I know we read the Rumors at our own risk, and I do appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When a member re-posts Guru posts from other sites without acknowledging it as a Guru re-post in the headline, thousands of people can click the link only to find it is actually the opinion of TerryK, TNT Tony, Bluwolf, TNT Tony, TerryK, not the poster. Most DV members who re-post this type of opinion typically include the Guru name in the headline and I respect them for doing that. Thanks for all you do on this site.
  2. As a matter of fact, he had much the same approach as Luigi here... naive and oh so innocent. that's been my take on Luigi's posts also.. studied innocence
  3. agreed.. fits with G20 discussions too - - extract below 6. We are determined to accelerate progress toward rebalancing global demand, including internal rebalancing through structural reforms. This requires surplus economies to boost domestic sources of growth and deficit economies to increase national savings and enhance competitiveness. We reiterate our commitments to move more rapidly toward more market-determined exchange rate systems and exchange rate flexibility to reflect underlying fundamentals, and avoid persistent exchange rate misalignments. We will refrain from competitive devaluation and will not target our exchange rates for competitive purposes. We will resist all forms of protectionism and keep our markets open.
  4. yeah, it's probably nothing.. just worldwide banks fixing Dinarthug's JC Penney account
  5. this thread is hilarious.. got a good laugh, thanks
  6. Maggie I found this thread quite humorous and I negged you as well, to see if you could hit some kind of record. great thread .. thanks
  7. I don't read this as SteveI calling the RV for September.. he seems to be quoting Sbabibi as saying that.. I think it was in September that Maliki unexpectedly issued the arrest warrant for Shabibi? ..just sayin
  8. Iraq Government to Open Doors to Foreign Investors at London Event My link
  9. seems to be a web page glitch if you click on any of the other currencies, they all say 1USD = 1.2008 Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 US Dollar = 1.2008 Iraqi Dinar Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 US Dollar = 1.2008 Bulgarian Lev Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 US Dollar = 1.2008 British Pound Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 US Dollar = 1.2008 Polish Zloty sorry.. wish it was true
  10. tilak, I agree. The people on this call still seem to be believe there is a possibility of a profitable RV, however they were careful to present both sides.. the other side being there could no profit at all. I have read on various forums about lawsuits and class actions against the gurus, and it could be that anyone who has put forward an opinion about the RV is in cya mode.. even okie seems to be have changed his tune. IMO this 'investment' has always been a risk, and each of us is responsible for our own decision, even if/when we depend on what gurus tell us.
  11. While I don't support a lawsuit over this, I think you are missing the point that 'The Kidd' did not expect a news site like Iraq Business News to put out a false news item.. this is not about news sourced from Okie or the fake gurus. If you go to the Iraq Business News site, you will see the news item.. now with the 'April Fools' in the header which I presume was not there initially. All the comments disagreeing with the prank have been removed by the moderator, including the editor's reassurance that it was a prank
  12. your avatar is a ship at sea.. are you the one okie is talking to?
  13. Hi Alex I understand no-one knows if/when this will RV for sure.. can you say why you are so sure it's not going to happen before September especially given all the news we've been getting? Wouldn't mind seeing the article that has you so convinced.
  14. What is the role of the people you spoke to? Is it their role to recommend currency investments, or know simply know how to exchange currencies? Were any of them up to date on Iraqi news? It seems irresponsible of them to make these statements if they were not.
  15. yep they're down as per their newsletter that went out about an hour ago - here it is with last few posts for those who want the latest gossip from D R ================================================================================== As of 10:30pm (ET) The Dinar Recaps website is down. We are working with our webhost provider to resolve the issue ASAP. We are sending out this email with the old posts, but until the site comes back online, the full posts will not be available to read. I would suggest try back in a little while. We apologize for the inconvenience. The D**** R*****Team The below posts were in our 6pm email <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< JonnyWG update from 3sintel Early thurs. Evening 5:11 PM EST 3s Intel [.jonnywg] WELL I HAVE JUST HAD ANOTHER REPORT THAT THE DOWNLOADS ARE STILL IN PROCESS, THE SYSTEMS ARE BEING PREPARED AT THE BANKING OPERATIONS AND WE HAVE A CONFIRMATION ON THIS AS WELL...... I HOPE THIS IS FINISHED SOON [.jonnywg] IF AT ANY TIME WE GET DIFFERENT INFO WE WILL POST IT HERE FIRST <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Tidbit from Mig Chat Thursday Afternoon [FIREPROOF] ZMAN2011 the Dealer I got my Dinar from has been buying and selling millions and he gets it from a well known Broker/Dealer whatever. we all know the place he buys from..... he has sold all his inventory and cannot get more. He is now selling out of his personal stock until he reaches a point that he will not go below. His phone is ringing off the hook for orders.... His contact at the Place he buys from says this is it...... Everytime someone has called it I ask him what he hears. And he has told me he has heard nothing each time. Until now.... He is convinced we will be cashing in at the banks by tomorrow..... That's a little of what I am hearing from a good source.... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Txred from Cap1corner Thurs. Afternoon txred] I posted this earlier, but many missed it so I will post it again. My contact that is direct to a 5/3 bank president called me and told me that the currency department had contacted the bank president and advised her that the rate would be on the teller screens SOON and that the rate was HIGH .... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Bulldog75 posts in OOM chat by Lexie Bulldog75: 1PM CST: SITE ALTERNATIVE UPDATE INFORMATION HOTLINE: IF OUR OOM SYSTEM GOES DOWN DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, WE WILL USE AN ALTERNATE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION ONLY TODAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2012 BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 5-6PM CST & 11PM-12MIDNIGHT CST. THE CONFERENCE MODERATED LINE PHONE IS: xxx-xxx-xxxx X 198330# . THANKS. ,,
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