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  1. Lord of Heaven, please let it happen this time! Twelve long years of waitin'!
  2. Great find Rayzur. Hope we're all finally dancing to the bank sOOner than sOOn.
  3. Religion makes articulate, intelligent people say and do stupid things. - Christopher Hitchens --- So does pride --- I hardly reply to anything anymore; but I had to comment about your quote.
  4. "As you know, there are more of us who want you than those who don't!" I'm not sure that's true. On the surface maybe. But, I remember some scriptures that tell a different story. Narrow road and all... But, you are certainly right about one thing; we do most certainly need Him.
  5. I work in the public school system...It's probably not a joke...According to the song I overheard a student singing this morning before a Social Studies test, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1892.
  6. Seems harsh...No worse than your crystal thread. JMO
  7. Thanks, tankdude...I'll contact you soon.
  8. I know DV has a lot of people who are very educated about alternative ideas on healing. Has anyone had any experience with the company/product Asea?
  9. Thank you, I needed a reminder of His providence today.
  10. Agreed...Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra could really make some money. Not sure how That Hideous Strength would do at the box office, though.
  11. Tolkien was a genius, as was his good friend Clive. If you enjoy The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, you may enjoy C.S. Lewis's Fantasy trilogy that begins with Out of the Silent Planet. Christian Space Narnia for adults.
  12. Well, I'm thankful that this post didn't begin riots across the Christian world. May we bless the God of our Founders, again...and may He return his blessings to us.
  13. I don"t post often, but I find it difficult to believe that Obama, Romney or any other political figure, past or present, in the U.S. or abroad have any influence over if/when/how the change in the value of the Dinar happens. I believe that they are simply the mouth pieces of those with far more sinister plans than most of us can imagine.
  14. Thanks, Tony. I thought Randy gave up a while back, though.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking, Tony. Wrong crowd to associate with if you want to be seen as a level-headed seeker of Dinar truth.
  16. Maybe he's gonna treat it like a confessional and fess up to all he's done within the political regime. Definately couldn't fine him for moving violations. Thanks, Carrello.
  17. It seems that a post is missing...I thought you hit the nail squarely on the head with your last comments, 20. Too bad others won't get a chance to see them. One strings along one way...Another a different way...Just different presentations. Be well.
  18. 20Million, I've always respected your knowledge and insight into the world of finance...If I had a couple extra thousand laying around I'd be bending your ear on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don't. Like most, I've come down a little from my ivory tower expectations with the Dinar, but I'm still hopeful that something positive will come of it. Thanks for your willingness to share your due diligence.
  19. No, absolutely not...And Ignorance is Bliss! Oh what I wouldn't give to relive the 80's.
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