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  1. Sounds like they are trying to locate undocumented Dinar, for tax purposes. just my opinon
  2. Adam, might want to stop by an adult toy store and find an eatable garment. Just saying.
  3. sell oil for US dollars or petro dollars and buy with the same. Having said that. They will need IQD internationally traded at some point. Hopefully soon, but remember it is IRAQ. IMO
  4. When people ask Me if it's a scam, I ask them" where else can you buy a loto ticket and if you decide you aren't going to win you can get most of your money back"?
  5. On your federal tax return there is a box that should be checked if you have an off shore account. Also any interest income needs to be converted to US dollars and reported. As all\ways check with your CPA or tax consultant. If you do not report it and the infernal revenue chooses to hassle you the penalties potentially can be staggering.
  6. Nothing we don't know. One of the biggest things we are waiting for is the IQD to be tradable at any exchange rate. This needs to happen sooner because later is already past. Just my thoughts.
  7. What you pay at the VA depends on % of disability ( service connected ) and income. If he is retired military it is a whole different deal. VA web site should help figure it out. Also there is a procedure to contest the charges. I would have my congress man or woman check in to it too.
  8. I am a veteran who gets SS and VA disability. At this time if this is not setteled in a few days there will be no VA retirement, no VA dissability and no SS payments till it is resolved. This reduces My mounthley income to "0" You don't half to think too hard to figure out the impact it will have on my fammily.
  9. This was hashed out several years. The removal of the "0"s as stated by the CBI literally translates as " remove the 0s). The true translation means to remove the triple 0 bills from circulation. That was confirmed by government officials several years ago. I do not have a link. It has been too long. But I know what I read and I know it was confirmed. Bash if you will it won't hurt me or change any thing.
  10. All you need is your dinar , a smile and ID. Also fill out the paper work.
  11. TPSprayduster Thanks for the link. At least I can access my account now.
  12. Same answer as last time "less than I want, more than I need and only what I can afford to lose:
  13. On your US tax return there is a box to be checked if you have an off shore account. Tax is to be paid at the current exchange rate on any interest income from the account. I have done so for the last 5 years. However due to my income level it has not added any extra payment. The penalties for not reporting can be horrible. My CPA says be sure to report to be safe.
  14. Our News / Online banking update Still scrolling the same message: "Dear customers Currently we are doing development on the online banking service, so service is currently not working until the completion of development Regards E-banking Dept "
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