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  1. We will add him to our list of those we pray for daily. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  2. In Sunday School class this morning, we were discussing how God has His Hand on us, no matter what is coming. One of our friends at church is a small town chiropractor in a Ohio. He said this week he had adjusted one of his patients who happened to be a truck driver. The truck driver told him he had just delivered a whole load of signs to Fort Wayne, IN that stated Martial Law Declared. He also said there were trucks there to pick them up at the terminal where he dropped them to take them to other destinations. I think LGD we are definitely facing the end times very soon, and it is not going to be good.
  3. It is weird because I get the message that the chatroom is full, also...but it shows 0 up on the chat tab. Strange. I have never gotten this message before.
  4. Now why on earth would anyone neg you on your post...I have no idea, but I evened you out. I am praying, too!
  5. Very well said LGD. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!
  6. So sad! I lost a litle girl several years ago at birth. It was very hard and tough to go through. I cannot imagine choosing to end a baby's life. Yes, it is a life. I don't care what anyone says. Someday those who perform these proceedures will have to answer for their actions...and it won't be to anyone here on earth. I would hate to be in their shoes. God has a special love for little ones. I do not think He will have any mercy on those who condone the taking of these innocent babies' lives.
  7. Know how you feel Deb. I was really hoping they would address the HCA in today's meeting. Abadi was firm on saying it needed to get taken care of last week in some articles. Been in this a long time, and just wish they would get it done and over with. Hoping and praying Thursday brings some HCL talk!
  8. Heu Unbertino...the snow is so pretty. I am one of those weird people who love snow. I am planning on having a small cabin in Alaska after the RV. Just something we can go to and spend some quiet time. We live in a small town, and lo and behold some random guy was in my driveway with a snowblower cleaning it out for me, I offered to pay him but he refused. Really wasn't sure who he was...just a good Samaritan I guess. Small towns are the best!
  9. Thanks Unbertino! A little beach music felt pretty soothing just now. The northern part of the good ole Buckeye state was blessed with 14 inches of snow yesterday. Nice to think about a little warm weather and the Beach Boys while you are digging out from the white stuff!
  10. My siblings and I used to listen to this group all the time. Loved their music. Thanks for the memory Umbertino!
  11. Looks like they have it record time! Which is quite an understatement. Good Morning Yota and LGD!
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