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  1. A critic is one who constantly is ....well critical. But to point out a major issue is not necessarily being critical. Listen..., as we get all impatient with this RV release it is becoming evident that almost all of the intel providers have either hidden or not so hidden agendas. They want the limelight for being right but run and cry when after being inaccurate or misinformed time and time again- they get defensive and band people off their sites in if to protect the 'Myth"(?) that this might be some what of a super manipulated event put on by those that want to see the entire world in a prison camp. There is nothing more to talk about for if all we are doing is waiting then that's all the info that one can get off the call. Most people may not even be interested in winning any Dinar by being on someones call at this point- rather they want to just cash in what they have and get on with their life. As the stress of the event NOT happening out there increases - the "players" will all be seen clearly as having taken advantage of this event- even the 'higher ups' of the international banking and power centers. This is not about being part of this ' family' or that ' family' or this web site or that religion.....or whatever.... all of us hopefully will go forward into the world post RV with a new and fresh way of being- a new renascence if you will- a greater understanding of seeing the entire world as our extended family....... but if history or human programing is any indicator the more likely outcomes will be more greed acted out by those who where on the short end of the stick pre -RV. Maybe it time to just stop talking about it and be pleasantly surprised when it shows up one morning while we're having our coffee- for all of the conference calls and someone 'contacts'- (that don't answer their phone or return phone calls)- says that it happening in 5 minutes will just mess with our heads more and annoy us. We almost all feel that the so called 'Elites' have too much power as they strive for more- and many may have gotten involved in this event as stop gap measure to avoid financial doom- even though they may detest the current international system of greed and power, using the proceeds from this to transform it to something more representative of sanity. It may be time for all of the talk to stop.....course that won't happen- we have web sites to run and intel to spew...... One of the more grinding points in all of this is the fact that we are relegated to this activity in the first place......of fighting over the world's resources.
  2. A re denomination and a revaluation are mutually exclusive but still related terms. Iraq would never lop and have many good reason to including their neighbor Turkey- which lopped their currency the past ( due to hyperinflation) and had mass unrest and 6-7 years of hell to sort it all out. The people got totally ripped off- as well as the Iraqis if they continue down the same path as Turkey. In fact Iraqis know of this 'Turkey experiment' and fear that the CBI is up to the same BS.... but Shabibi has stated that there will be an one to one exchange. Think they will just ripp off all of the savers and foreign investors so that they can lopp?I cant help but feel there is a maligned agenda of these loppsters- maybe they're on the CIA payroll- white house dis-info team, or some other NGA ( non- governmental agency...I love it , Mobsters...)and have plenty of time living in their parents basement writing drivel like that...........
  3. Please bump this post if you feel it warrants. Atten: Footforward-- thanks for your insights and help- you are very much appreciated. This is in response to Footforwards last post- and even though I think he is one of the most insightful and comprehensive in his approach in this community- there is one area of discussion that did not mention. As footfoward had mention in this past weeks call, Iraq has lost control of their RV....not to mention their country under Sadam- and even going back England's oil control and exploitation from the turn of the century. My point is that if we have good intel on an in country RV that would point to a very good indication of how they feel about the west's orchestration of the whole play in the ME in the last 50 plus years. They're resentful of how the west, after all of their meddling in the region, will profit from this RV and even bail out the EU and quite possibly the US deficit- all on the back of their currency.True, they will make untold millions from developing their countries resources, elevate their standard of living, but they probably want it all for themselves and probably even feel entitled over everybody else- and don't like being the mule dog currency mut coming to every bodies rescue. So..... we have a stalemate.....of sorts..... and the political meetings and posturing this week are just that- Iraq is trying to negotiate a better deal for themselves knowing all the while that they are holding one of the trump cards of this whole world debt mess brought to us by unbridled greed and corruption..... and they are playing their full tilt and wanting all the casino chips for themselves. I not saying I agree with the current methods and maddness- but not to bring some level of compassion and insight to this will not help this move forward. WE are all in this world together more and more- and when we get our blessing it will all serve us to move into a wider field of acceptance of others ALL around the world. God Bless THE WORLD peace
  4. At the time posted on this thread the site mentioned above does not show the rates that someone had stated in this thread. Still showing 1169.1 to 1170.5 IQD / USD and 21000 VND / USD. What are these people smokin'...........?
  5. Can we get these currency quotes text to our phones? I set up a RSS feed to Google Reader- but I would like to receive them as a text message. Should I use yahoo finance? Thanks for the link
  6. Ok Folks: At the risk of pissing off those with contrary views- and not so hidden agendas- I want you to really think on this point and don't jump to conclusions before I'm done explaining this......OK? If the dinar RV's at 3:30 or better out of the gate the one thing that will do - besides put a huge chunk of cash in your hands - is drive inflation through the roof in Iraq. BECAUSE- there will immediate spending wealth in the country and this new level of money will be chasing too few goods in the market place (one example of the basic textbook explaination of inflation). Store shelves could empty in hours. They don't have - YET- a robust supply chain in place & goods like we do in the west. This high revalue would send shock waves through the economy and probably blow it up!!---- which by the way might happen to a lesser degree- after RV as well, as every Corp and deep pockets people try to get in front of each other to be the first in the marketplace to grab market share and a footing quick. The country will be flooded with investment dollars( USD , IQD or whatever). NOW I'M NOT SAYING THAT I WOULDN'T LIKE TO SEE 3:30 OR BETTER FROM MY PERSPECTIVE- YES I WOULD- MORE CASH ...STUPID TO THINK I WOULDN'T.. By if you really sit down and think about for a second ,if YOU where an Iraqi citizen with this pending RV taking place- would you like to see hyper inflation and even worse availability of goods than they even have now? This is a war torn country with blown up bridges and streets and infrastructure. Do you really think they can ship and move goods as efficiently as we can now over here? Do we want to see them fail as a country even if it meant getting more cash NOW while they are left to sort it out? They- the Iraqi Gov- has already stated that he rate they will be coming out with will be between $.86 to 1.17/ USD period. It may come out higher but think of how it needs to be sustainable in order for it to work- or the whole thing comes crashing down. Then later as the economy grows, and after one either had to sell the large Denom's ( per CBI directive) you could exchange for smaller notes and capture more return as the value goes up. OR play the Forex market OR play the ISX OR all of the mentioned items. The biggest mistake that most of the people do in this investment is focus ONLY on the RV when the IQD currency is one of the many plays here. A currency is like a stock certificate of the country it relates to. Clearly the Country of Iraq will have to build value to supply demand and the related world markets. Ultimately Iraq, being a Corporation via the UCC and world financial systems, have on paper vast known natural resources- but they are not developed and organized to get to market. But once they are, you will see 3:80 or better in a relatively short time. Till then be well Zerofriction
  7. Hi Folks: Real simple. Those that post statements that Dinar dealers were told by US Treasury to stop selling have not been substantiated. I have just got off from a chat with Dinar Banker and they told me 'No'- still selling. TD Group has no notice on their site saying anything to that effect. So it's just a rumor...still.
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