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  1. Sorry for the Lost! And to your Mom and Dad, may they Rest in Paradise together!!
  2. Thanks for all that u guys do! Go RV!!!
  3. to you Kcw and thanks like always Adam M, things are looking good, Go RV!!
  4. Thanks Kcw for posting as always and to you Adam M, great chat! Go RVVVVVVVVVV!!!!
  5. right now it really doesnt matter whos in office this next term, bc the US is sooo screwed up, its going to take 4 perfectly good terms just to fill the void we have been in!! I am just hoping the future presidents that want to step up to the plate, move us in the right direction and act on at least 50% of what they "promise" to the people, cause no matter who is choosen, a part of america will always feel they get the short end of the stick! just my GO RV AND GO AMERICA!!
  6. Thanks for the post KCW and adam as well!! Go RV!!!
  7. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the chat!! GO RV!!!
  8. I remember when i use to read all the gurus ish, and get my hopes up everytime. i believe some of what they say could be true but take them with a grain a slt. Starting wed every week they usually start pumping. But i guess you can look at it this way, at least one day they will actually be right! GO RV!!
  9. Thx like always adam!! happy holidays to everyone!@!!! GO RV!!!
  10. HAHA Great Idea!!! they would make a movie for us all "The Dinarian Hangover: search for Adam Montana" hahaha Put me down GO RV!! Tahoe was a blast three days b4 i went this past feb there was a blizzard! we stayed at Mont BLeu resort i think the name was!! going again for sure late jan!
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