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  1. I don't like to get into bank stories and predictions because in the grand scheme of things nobody has a clue and everyone is just guessing but I recently spoke to a friend from the middle east who still has family there. He's not anybody important no secret contacts but I he has family there and I'm guessing a bit more understanding of things over there than the average person. He's always been very grounded in terms of not thinking an rv would happen and even to the point of making fun of me for having Dinar. He recently said he thought it might come out at like 0.2 cents or 0.o4 cents. I know that's probably not what people want to hear they want to hear 1:1 or 7:1 but for me personally any movement would be good and even a couple pennies and I'd be thrilled. It surprised me to hear him say this as he has always been very skeptical and even he is saying he sees a small movement comming
  2. I never get why people alwways want someone else to verify their money, personally I don't trust anyone more than I trust myself and the Dinar is very easy to verify yourself. Do a quick google search on how to verify or authenticate your Dinar. Most dealers have charts or images on their site showing closeups of the various security features you should check such as watermarks and silver threads and stuff like that. The black light test is also a quick easy way to check. Again do a quck google search tons of sites explaining how to verify as well as youtube videos. I have had a number of friends bring Dinar to a bank and were told their Dinar is fake. I checked the notes myself and everytime turned out to be real. I would venture to bet most bankers have never even seen a dinar note.
  3. I know a bunch of companies have been fined for selling to Arkansas in the past which I think is the reason why nobody will sell to people in arkansas. Two dealers come to mind though. I believe a few years back DinarTrade was advertising they were the only dealer allowed to sell in Arkansas. I know they have since been bought out by exchange of america so not sure if they still do but they may be a place to check. I believe sterling also advertises they sell to all states so you could give them a try as well. I would start with those I'm pretty sure one of the two will sell to you
  4. What's the light we are currently seeing? I havn't been keeping up with news as much lately but havn't really heard anything promising in recent past? Agreed, I don't know that I would post a patronizing and somewhat insulting post to my potential buyers. Also cash for Dinars one of those "mafia sites" as you put it would actually give you $180 more than your asking assuming you have your papwerwork in order and the notes are in good shape
  5. I saw some people recently saying the rate went up to 1198 versus 1166. Any truth to that? When I check CBI still says same old rate?
  6. I havn't personally dealt with them so I can't comment on that however most dealers will call you and tell you they don't consider your notes uncirculated and they will either send them back to you or you can take circulated price. If your not happy wiht the price just get them back. If you really wanna make sure the notes are the same ones you receive back as you sent just write down serial numbers or take pics before sending them off.
  7. Neither of them got full price which is why I was wondering exsctly what is required. Thanks for adding nothing to the discussion
  8. Hey, was wondering if anyone has the checklist for what's required to get the full $875. A buddy of mine was asking and I didn't know specifics only knew COA and receipt were required. If anyone has the form to post or can tell me if there's anything more required beyond receipt and coa it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Yeah I did my best but you know how people are, once someone has something in their head it's hard to convince them otherwise. I tried to at least convince him to just send a little bit make sure he gets paid before sending the rest, I have 0% confidence he'll actually get paid but was hoping maybe he only loses a small bit of his Dong. ANyhow, he claims its a one time deal he has to send it all. We'll see if he actually goes through with it.
  10. I could be wrong but I think a brick doesn't refer to a specific amount of Dinar it refers to the amont of notes. I've always been told a bundle was 100 notes in a bank strap like 100 singles would be at a bank in the US. A brick on the other hand is 10 of those bundles wrapped in seran wrap like you see on ebay in this picture below... Therefore a brick could be various amounts depending upon what denomination notes the brick is in. There for a brick of 50 notes would be 50 x 1,000 which equals 50,000 DInar total. On the other hand a brick of 1,000 notes would be 1,000 x 1,000 which would be a total of 1,000,000.
  11. A friend of mine has been buying Dong like crazy, he claims he has a contract and is acquiring as much Dong as he can to send away to someone on January 12th and claims he'll then be receiving a wire back. I've told him I don't think it's smart to to send money away to strangers with a promise of getting paid but he's dead set on doing this. We'll see if he gets paid or not, I'm guessing not. He keeps saying he can get me in as well, I'm gonna pass.
  12. I'm somewhat confused by what your asking but I think your asking why a single 25,000 notes is $35 but a brick of 50 dinar notes is $49. I believe a brick is 100 notes so a brick of 50 notes would be 5,000 Dinar yet is quite a bit more than 25,000 note which is 20,000 more Dinar? It's always been like that, I remember contacting DinarTrade about 5 years ago inquiring about a million in 50 notes. If I remember correctly it was over $7,000!!! Thats insane, basically the same amount of Dinar in 25,000 notes would be about $6,000 cheaper. I remember years ago there were a lot of guru rumors flying around about how small notes were going to be worth more than large notes or that maybe large notes would be taken out of circulation and anyone with notes above 1,000 would be SOL. I think common consensus now is that that is complete and utter nonsense however some people for unkown reasons still seek out small notes. I've always been one to buy whatever is cheapest so if dealorbuydinar has a great special on 10,000 notes thats what I'll buy, if they have a special on circulated notes that's what I'll buy. I wanna get the most dinar for the least amount of money regardless what notes they are. A quick google search did pull up a article about how small notes are sold in bricks and stuff like that... On ebay you can get much better deals on small notes than through dealers. If you want to go with a USA seller this banknote world guy seems to be the one to buy from... By far the cheapest deals on ebay seem to come from sellers out of Jordan or Hongkong if you don't mind dealing with someone outside the US. I like COD as a shipping method however in the grand scheme of things it isn't that much safer. I did a COD order from DinarTrade years ago, all was good and I was happy with my purchase so not complaining but at least in my case you don't get to inspect the package before paying the Driver. You hand over your cashiers check, he hands over the package so your paying before you actually receive and check your package. Now the chances of someone sending you a envelope full of monompoly money is probably small but all you are gurnateed is that you will get a package, doesn't gurantee the package will not be empty or that it conaints the right amount of Dinar. WHen dealing with a dealer probably not a big deal but I know we've had a few members on here scamming people so if you're dealing with an individual don't be lulled into a false sense of security because someone could send you an empty envelope.
  13. Yeah I saw this in an ad the other day, that's a fantastic price considering every other dealer is at like $780 on the high end so almost $100 more, I think even higher than the official price of what dinar is worth which is currently like 864 or 866 or there abouts. I have had a few friends sell to them, everybody got paid and got paid quickly. LIke you said make sure you got all your documents in order such as receipts and certificate and you get the posted price. They even pay for the shipping into them which saves a few bucks and makes things even easier. I have no idea what they pay for other stuff but I know they also buy dong and zim and some other monies as well.
  14. She answers all those questions in the post title minus condition. Its a mill in 25k notes for 850. We just dobt know if circulated or uncirculated
  15. Wiring is always going to be cheaper than cash as it's electronic vs involving the physical handling of cash. Same way you can trade on forex for tenths of a percent vs 8% to as much as 20% to exchange physical foreign currency. With something like the Dinar this is totally just a guess and not based on anything but but I would expect a minimum of say 13% maybe as much as 30% if it rv'd and we had an opportunity to cashout.
  16. I agree with everything you said. I know several people who have dealt with them and everybody has gotten paid its not like they are stiffing people and stealing dinar by any means so nobody should be concerned about that. Only one of the few people I know who have sold to them actually got the quoted amount so know whats required to get the quoted price, my two friends who got smaller amounts its their own fault as cashfordinars was very upfront about what they required in order to get full price such as receipts and coa and all that jazz. One thing you said which I would take issue with is that by being registered with the Treasury they are heavily scrutinized as you say. I know a few people from this forum who became MSB's aka treasury registered just for the hell of it because they thought it was a neat thing to do. There is no scrutiny at all, its simply filling out a form with the IRS. I dont even think there's an approval or denial process all you have to do is fill out the form. Even the Treasury themselves states its not a recommendation of a companies services or an assurance its safe. Thats not to knock cashfordinars or any toher dealer, simply saying everyone should always due their due diligence on who you are dealing with whether checking BBB or dinarsites. Just because someone is registered doesn't mean you should be lulled into a false sense of security. This is just my personal opinion but I think options are a huge scam, I also personally think it would fall under the category of an investment which should be registered and vetted by the SEC however we see countless dealers who are Treasury Registered selling options and nobody seems to do anything about that or take issue with that.
  17. Anyone who claims to have "negotiated" a bank spread is lying because no way a bank would agree to a spread on a future maybe situation when they don't even know what their costs will be. Bank spreads vary depending upon the currency. When I go to Italy my bank charges me I'd say about 8% for Euros, when I go to Costa Rica its almost 20%. I asked about this when I was buying and they told me they themselves pay a 17% spread to acquire it. WIth a currency like the Dinar, even if it has RV'd it's an exotic currency so the spread will be high. Even 5% at todays rates is $50, if it goes up in value the spread will obviously be an even higher amount, not necessarily a higher percentage but obviously bigger amount more you pay even if spread is the same. I don't know how all banks work but I'm assuming with Euros if they buy Euros from you they aren't going to send them away somewhere and sell them, may as well sit on them and probably some other customer going to Europe will buy them within a week or so. Obvoiusly nobody is traveling to Iraq even if people were the amount of people selling to them would outweight the amount of people traveling to Iraq so the bank will probably have to sell the currency off to another bank or a broker instead of turning it around and making a profit on both ends which I would assume means they have to charge more.
  18. I'm pretty sure sterling and dtrade and most of the big guys either only buy from their customers or if you have receipts and COAs. You may want to check dealorbuydinar they have aways been friendly and fair with me and I don't think they require receipts or anything.
  19. You should be able to get $800 from cash for dinars if your notes are uncirculated and you have all your receipts and paperwork in order.
  20. Not trying to be negative here but for years everytime someone sells someone says just hold on a bit longer I do agree that it seems something is happening right now, not necessarily an rv but seems were seeing some movement in the rate I keep hearing people report its 1198 instead of 1166 which I think any movement is a good thing but just saying everyone always tells people hangon and if everyone listened people would be hanging on years later instead of having some cash in their pocket. If someone wants to sell then sell if you want to hold hold.
  21. I was just kicking myself for that the other day I rememeber back in 07 or 08 I think it dipped down as low as 90 something cents. Just recently I was scared to pickup at $13 but its up to 15 and some change and i think going higher. I like Apple, was thinking about picking some up on this Dip, I think apple is a decent company, personally I stay away from the facebooks and gopros and all that. These are fad companies trading above value just based on hype. Not to say you can't make money on them but personally I'd rather put my money into large cap undervalued companies with a good PE.
  22. oh you mean the guru who talked about secret intel? you just described every guru out there lol
  23. I would have to disagree with you on this. How were you able to purchase a million worth of gold with what was origionally $1000 worht of Dinar? Somehow that $1,000 worth of Dinar became worth a million dollars and for that to happen you had to see a gain. Anytime you see a gain the government is gonna want their cut. I'm not saying I'm 100% right on this but we all know our government and our IRS and I personally can't invisision a scenario where were able to mak a million dollars and not pay a penny of tax. I'm trying to think of similar situations like you sell one house and buy another. Its not like you get to skip out on taxes purchasing a house by saying I paid taxes on my old house I'm buying a new one so don't see why we would be able to with dinar to gold. As far as buying DInar with IRA, I have a 401k not an ira so don't fully understand them but I think I recall Ali at DinarTrade used to offer a service where you could buy DInar with your IRA or 401k.
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