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  1. Had Iraq not already come out with coins I think fractional paper notes would be a real possibility but they woudln't come out wiht coins unless they were planning on using coins so since they are already out I agree it will be a mix. That said if the Dinar gained in value dramatically and they rolled out an entirely new currency and outmoded the current Dinar then anything could happen.
  2. I would agree I think most likely they would be coins since they have 25, 50 and 100 coins out. That said some arabic countries use paper for their coins. For example I forget what country but some middle eastern country has Dinars and Besas. Besas are paper and may say 50 besas however its fractional of a dinar or rial or whatever currency it is. Many people dont know about these and I've actually seen tellers at foreign currency stands pay out hundreds of dollars for what is actually cents because even they dont know what they are doing. Iraq potentialy could have fractional bills instead of coins however seeing as howthey already have coins I'm going to go with easy rider and say lower ddenoms will probably be coins.
  3. The CBI website never seems to be that up to date. As you see they don't show the new notes on the main page showing all notes. Also they show a 25 and 100 coin but not a 50 coin. Just look around on ebay or amazon and you'll see lots of people selling sets of all 3 coins so they are most definatley out and about and being circulated despite what CBI website says. One other tip, I find the arabic version of the site has more inof and is more up to date. If you use google chrome, i hate their browser but they do automaticallly translate sites for you so check out that site on chrome and see what you see. I wouldn't rely on cbi website for answers though as it's typically not up to date. As far as new denoms, we've had 50 and 250 notes out for forever so the coins are new and are lower. I think when people speak of lower denoms however they are talking about 1s, 5s, 10s etc. Nothing like that is out yet nor have I heard any plans of bringing them out. Heck even a 50 note is pretty insignificant when your currency has the vlaue theirs does.
  4. I saw something about it posted on an arabic site, however as I don't read arabic I'm kind of stuck relying on others to translate it. Here is what they say the article says... Central Bank announces suspension of auction currency and adopt a new mechanism for foreign remittances 02/21/2015 (22:49) Baghdad / term Iraqi Central Bank announced, on Saturday, stopping work ERA Bank and the adoption of the banking system as being responsible for foreign remittances and as of Sunday. If anyone reads arabic or has chrome browser and can translate it here is the origional article... One thing I did find intersting. Visit DinarInc website. Right on the homepage it says due to supply shortages shipping times may be delayed and prices are volatile. I believe Dinar Inc, DinarTrade, Exchange of America and Tampa Dinar are all the same company so essentially we have 4 of the largest dealers either out of Dinar or short on Dinar and may be raising prices. I wonder if this is true or a marketing gimmick? I do know some buyers who hold a lot of dinar have been contacted by delaers offering to buy it back at very high prices, nothing like $3 per Dinar but at say $1,000 per million which is higher than they have ever paid in the past.
  5. I definately think webmasters and people operating forums deserve to make some money, I really don't mind ads but I sorta agree these ones are sort of disruptive to the reading experience. I see these ads on almost every site these days but normally its at the bottom of an article I wouldn't even care if they were at the bottom but just below first post just gets in the way and creates extra scrolling. Can someone confirm they go away if you sign up for VIP? If so I may consider it been on the fence for a while have a bit of free cash comming in soon so may join.
  6. I don't think there is necessarily a best 3 or 4 dealers. Any dealer who's Treasury Registered is probably a safe reliable place to buy. DinarTrade, SafeDinar, TampaDinar, DealorBuyDinar, Gid&Associates, BuyIraqiDinarHere, iBuydinar, Sterling, TampaDinar, etc all reliable places to buy. check around all those dealers, see who's offering the lowest price or if other things are important to you like shipping time, payment methods, etc pick who works out best for you but really any of those should work for you. If you want to save a few bucks you can pickup a million on ebay right now for about $900, however ebay can be hit or miss, sometimes people don't accurately describe the condition of notes, take 3-4 days before shipping, etc but there are some deals out there. I don't think the poster asked for anyones opinion on if they should buy Dinar, they asked for a reliable place to buy
  7. I'm in agreement with you. To me I could care less about circulated vs uncirculated, in sequence vs not in sequence, what denom the notes are. That said there are a lot of buyers out there who will pay extra for those things. I don't think it's really fair to knock cashfordinars for paying more for notes in sequence. It seems they are primarily focused on buying in Dinar not selling it so I'm guessing they don't sell much. They probably resell it to ebay sellers or other dealers and they get paid more if notes are in sequnece, therefore they pay you more if your notes are in sequence. They seem to be pretty upfront abou what is requied to get the full offer price. They also pay hundreds more than most other dealers out there. So if your selling dinar and meet all their conditions why not take advantage of $900 or whatever they are paying now and get the most you can. That said if you know your missing a receipt or a coa or if you know your notes aren't in sequence then either get a clear idea of what they will pay you or go elsewhere. I've seen many a ebay seller and even dealer advertised the notes they sell are sequential so this obviously is not something made up by cash for dinars. If dealers sell notes as sequentially ordered then they are probably only interested in buying notes which are sequentially ordered.
  8. Not that this means anything in terms of the probability of an RV, however for the longest time it seemed like so many more people were trying to dump their Dinar than buy Dinar. In the past week or so I have had a few friends from real life as well as forums comment on Dinar shortages. One gentlement I talk to on facebook was saying he tried to place a larger order with TreasuryVault and was told they were shot on stock and to check back in a few days. I've heard the same reports from people who tried to buy from a few other sellers as well. If it were just one dealer I'd think it was a marketing tactic to make it seem like there were shortages but I've heard similar stories from people about 3 different dealers so makes me think its legit. Again, supply of Dinar has nothing to do with the likelyhood of a price increase or RV but thought it was interesting none the less. I've noticed on here lately no new posts in the sell section when typically there's a new one or two everyday.
  9. Just to chime in as far as condition of Dinar. To anyone who was lowballed were you offered the option to take a lower price or have your Dinar sent back to you? If so I don't know how anyone would be mad, you apparently didn't properly describe condition so you were told what your Dinar are relaly worth and if thats not satisfactory just have them sent back and keep them or try to sell somewhere else. I have bought on ebay a number of times in the past and it really is a crapshoot what you get. I've had people describe notes as crisp new mint conditoin notes only to have them arrived folded in half. One seller I even specifically asked does it have any marks, are they crisp, etc went on and on about how perfect they are and I actually received Dinar folded in half in an envelope. Now this is ebay i know some people are not fans of ebay for this exact reason but in that instance I was able to get $50 back so didn't wind up being a bad deal. My point being some people say their notes are in uncirculatd condition and its anything but.
  10. I think the machine basically hit this on the head. Even if we throw out the idea that small notes may be worth more in some crazy revalue situation where large notes are tossed and only small notes are valid which is probably an unlikely scenario. Just the logistics of how much more ink and paper is required to print 200,000 notes vs 400 notes probably attributes to the difference in cost. Also, the weight and bulk of that money probably makes the shipping which is international shipping cost a fortune as well. I think thats a pretty good answer. If you do a google search though I know there's been several articles on blogs as well as discussions on forums about why the big difference in the cost of notes as well as is it worth paying more for small notes
  11. Some popular countries for offshore accounts are Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, Jersey, Latvia, Iceland, Mongolia, etc. Don't think you're going to avoid any taxes though, I think it's called FACTA but US gets everyone in line with them and everyone reporting to them so anything you do offshore US government is going to be notified about most likely. Also many countries are no longer accepting US customers like for example in hongkong they say HSBC does US customers but in practice as soon as you have a US passport they waste your time give you a meeting and then give you some BS reason you can't open an account. The one thing confusing about foreign accounts alot of times your subject to the volatility of that countries currency for example iceland and mongolia are very volatile. Mongolia is paying about 14% interest rates though. The cayment islands, bahamas, and bermuda you normally hear about are nto really good anymore. their economies are so tied in with the USA your basically just banking in the US since they basically do anythin the us says or wants. I'm not a VIP member but have heard great things about the VIP as far as tax planning, tax avoidance, foreign accounts etc. If you decide to look into foreign accounts only deal directly with banks don't deal with any of these incorporate offshore and get an account sites pretty much all are listed on scam warning sites and basically charge you money for stuff you can do yourself.
  12. While everything you said may be true you can't just create wealth out of thin air and say we would be better off if we had a stronger currency so lets flick a switch and make it happen. If that were the case every country in the world would be doing that every day and one upping each ohter.
  13. They are all so vague about their info and predicitions they don't have to really give a detailed reason why it didnt happen just vague things like the stars weren't lined up or people were trying really hard and everyone is frustrated and disapointed but it will happen soon.
  14. Seems like a lot of people were excited for yesterday feb1 but looks like it came and went with no action
  15. I agree selling on eBay is a good bet. Sure they take a good chunk probably about 10% after you factor in ebay and paypal fees but in my personal experience I've never had any luck selling on craigslist locally, this forum is great but there have been some people burned so I think all parties are a little nervous not having an escrow so to speak like ebay//paypal. If you have a decent ebay feedback score you tend to get more money for items you sell whether its dinar or anything else so if you have a decent feedback score you can probably squeeze out over 900 however if you just opened an ebay account to sell dinar your probably going to get under $900 plus get almost $100 in fees taken out so at that point may as well just sell to a dealer as your going to wind up with about the same and at least with a dealer there's no work or risk involved on our part.
  16. I get confused when I read stuff like this. I was under the impression Dinar was sold at bank acutions and not sold on the Forex so why is the Forex showing rates? As for Dollar getting stronger or weaker against hte dinar basically the less Dinar you get for your dollar means the Dinar is getting stronger so if its at 1200:1 and a week from now you get 1180 dinar per dollar the dinar has gotten stronger by 20 dinar against the dollar. On the ohter hand if today you can get 1200 dinar for a dollar and next week you can get 1250 dinar ofr a dollar that means the dinar has gotten weaker.
  17. I'm not going to try to pretend to udnerstand world economics and stuff but no they don't have to raise the value. There are countries with weaker currencies than the Dinar, not many but there are a few. Heck Vietnam is quie a bit weaker than the Dinar and they actually do more business, use their own currency and have a much more thriving economy than Iraq, they have a catfishing and rice industry, you have manufacturing moving there so if Vietnam can operate and grow an economy on a weak currency why can't Iraq? Also, I don't think this is the case with Iraq, but many countries do intentionally keep their currency value low because it makes people want to trade with them because their money or the dollar in many cases will go further. Look at a country like China who keeps their currency low. Even Vietnam for the past couple years has been intentionally devaluaing their currency. I have yet to hear a good, logical, or factual explaination for why a country would "have to" raise the value or their currency. Sure China gets pressue to stop artificially keeping their currency low but nobody could care less about Iraq, at least currently.
  18. The only rate to go off of is the spot rate. If you walk into any currency exchange or bank there's no such thing as an official retail rate or a dealer rate. There is the spot rate and from there any dealer can choose to mark up dinar any amount they want. That's why you see say DinarTrade selling at $980 and Sterling selling at $1050, thats a $70 difference. Same way if you walk into say a Travelex your going to pay about .20 cent over for a euro, you go to your bank probably 0.08 cents over. Those rates mean nothing they are simply a markup, they don't really prove or show anything except thats what a particular company has decided they need to markup the currency for to cover their costs and make a profit. That proves nothing about the strength of the country or currency. The spot rate or market rate is the official rate.
  19. 1164/1166 is always where the acutions go off, almost never changes. The $77,907,000 is the amount of Dinar that was auctioned off and bought by banks who participate in the auctions.
  20. You can't really just say "I thin" the Dinar is pegged to the Dollar. Why do you think that? The fact that the CBI has auctions proves it's not pegged to the Dollar. The value is based on the auction results and not just the natural way currencies float against one another. Before the Dinar is "pegged" to the dollar Iraq must get out of sanctions, join the IMF, and at that point it could be pegged to the Dollar.
  21. That's the tough thing about this "investment" nobody can prove definitively either way whether something will happen or won't happen. Heck, even when you present someone with facts people still want to believe what they want to believe.
  22. I think 0.10 cents isn't a bad number. Even if we do someday make it to 1:1 I don't think it will happen over night. I think we'd probably start at maybe a couple cents say 0.03 cents, then maybe we rise to 0.10 cents, then maybe a quarter but basically IF and that's a big IF, we do se any movement I think it will be steady over a period of time not an overnight pop.
  23. lol this is laughable. bankers probably have dozens of training sessions a year if not even a month. why is someone in training automaticlaly have to do with an rv? these stories are laughable and based on nothing
  24. My personal prediction based on nothing more than speculation is if things continue in the right direction we may see 0.03 cents in like 2016/2017
  25. People read way too much into everything said or not said. Like everyone here has echoed, even if Adam does feel a certain way its one persons opinion and hardly anything to get your hopes up about. People follow this Dinar thing way to closely as if we have any control over what will happen. With stocks everyone knows its terrible to sit there and fret over every penny up and down a stock goes. This should be no different, you'll drive yourself crazy. I could be off on the math but I thought every penny it went up was about 10k. thats really nthing to sneeze at a 10x return on investment and a penny would probably just be a start, if we actually get some upward movement to a penny I think we could get some momentum and go to a penny or two or three. I don't get why so many people who have probably never even doubled up on an investment act as if they are super disapointed to see a 10x return My personal feeling is even 1:1 is silly. I think we could slowly over years see it creep up a to a few cents maybe as high as a nickel. I'd be hihg as a cloud if that happened, not sure why everyone acts as if that would be a huge letdown? Have you ever had an investment pay off that well/
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