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  1. As for security features, I'm not 100% on this but were any 50's printed with the 0 or 00 for the blind? I know some time ago they released new 250 and 500 notes I forget which was which but one had a 0 added and another had a 00 added so blind people could tell them apart. I don't believe they ever had 50's with that added feature
  2. I'd recommend eBay some really great deals on small notes. One word of caution, I'd recommend buying from a US seller, I bought some really cheap notes from Jordan but looked like they either got caught in a conveyer belt or customers just tore them apart but majority of my notes were badly damaged when I received them. Seller was good and replaced them but even second shipment you could tell had been opened up and gone through.
  3. Personally I'm still doubtful these notes are becomming worthless. I believe they are not printing anymore but I don't believe the current ones are losing value. As was discussed in another post on here, Canada dumped the penny...their lowest denom...but will still honor pennies out there...just wont be making anymore. Even if these are worthless who knows maybe it will be like the zimbabwe notes and wind up being worth $50 a note.
  4. Just curious what your going to do with them? Are they really becomming worthless or are they not making more but ours are still good?
  5. I doubt anyone is taking 50's. I spoke to a dealer who was cashing them in when I was making arrangements to send in a few of mine, origionally wans't and then decided what the hell. They said they don't have a way to sell them to CBi and that they are taking a loss on everything they take in but doing it as a courtesy and for marketing to new customers. If that's the case I doubt even in the case of an rv if someone would want to take in notes that are going to be worthless in a matter of days.
  6. Well all the dealer programs ended today so unless you plan on personally traveling to Iraq or shipping them to the cbi to get your $4 per bundle your stuck with them. Not a huge loss as they don't have that much value anyways but I think unless you have a huge amount and can deal with the cbi directly your out of luck as of today as DinarInc's program ended as did the other one or two dealers offering to trade. Dinar Inc FREE “50 DINAR NOTE” EXCHANGE Our corporate power house Xchange of America will be exchanging all Iraqi Dinar 50 denomination notes FREE of CHARGE, as a courtesy to all Dinar holders worldwide. Deadline is April 1, 2015. --- BuyIraqi Dinarhere 5. Notes MUST BE received by April 1, 2015. We will return any packages which arrive after that date.
  7. Well looks like the Dinar 50 notes are now worthless. I think technically the date they become worthless is April 31, however I believe all the current 50 note trade programs out there being offered by dealers pretty much all had expiration dates of April 1, so if your still holding your 50 notes your now stuck with them unless you can flip them on ebay.
  8. There's like 3 or 4 posts about the 50 note issue and the two dealers offering to trade them out for free., DinarInc and BuyIraqiDinarHere several members have done swaps with each and gotten notes back. One thing I found interesting. About two weeks ago this 50 thing was big news on all the forums and stuff and now I havn't heard a thing about the whole 50 recall since. I think all the programs have a cutoff of April 1 so you stlil have a few days to get them in.
  9. How is that pumping simply sharing with others options of what they can do with their 50's as well as a positive experience. Alot of people myself included were hesitant to send off 50 notes for a "free exchange" like why would anyone do anything for free so personally I appreciate having someone else do it first and report everything was successful. I hardly see this as pumping. Pumping would be Dinar is gonna rv tomorrow, go buy 5 million from DinarInc
  10. Not sure if your stating DinarInc was under some obligation to due to exchnage, that's definately not true, Iraq nor the CBI can force any private american company to do anything. Its not even as if the dealers get their dinar from the CBi since I believe that would be illegal, dinar has to leave iraq before comming to the US. i can't find the link to the post but remember seeing that on here that all dinar first goes to jordan and then comes here
  11. My buddy was considering selling them on ebay but with ebay upping the buyer returns and complaints to 6 months recently from 45 days he was concerned someone buying may not know about the recall and potentially 5 months and 29 days from now that person can open a complaint with ebay and paypal say they were sold notes which are no longer good and now he's out his money as well as his dinar. Probably being overly paranoid there but anyone who's used ebay before as a seller knows this is a possibility. That said you definately got a better deal than swapping out with a dealer. if you did an even trade you get a 5,000 note worth about $5 but you got $20 so I'd say you did alright.
  12. That's very strange. DinarInc, Exchange of America and TampaDinar are all the same company, you would think if one was operating the exchange they all would be or at least be aware of it. I would contact DinarInc directly. Why even contact exchange of america, Dinarinc lays out the whole program, details and how to send them in right on their site. I'll link to it for you.
  13. I think were so used to getting screwed over by companies from banks, to credit cards, to hotels to airlines that we expect everyone to screw us over. If you really think about it hte cost is minimal for dealers I'm guessing. Most people probably have a handful of 50 notes and the dealers aren't paying cash they are swapping out for equivalent amount of Dinar which they probably get at a much cheaper price than we do. Even if you have 1000 of the 50 notes thats 50,000 Dinar they owe you which figure is like 50 bucks. Granted if htey get a lot of big ones that will add up but I doubt people have that many 50's. Also, I origionally knocked dinarinc and other dealers doing this as a advertising promo but I guess more power to them. I can't speak for the Dinar industry but I know my employer who picks up waste oil from restaurants to resell for biodiesel cars and other stuff like that pays a few grand a month in adwords fees. For a Dinar dealer run a promo like this and it's probably going to cost you less than pay per click advertising. Essentially this boils down to free marketing for them. I send in my 50 notes and tell a couple friends nad a few people on here about it and my 10,000 in Dinar I sent into them which probably costs them ten bucks plus a few for shipping gets their name out there to a dozen people who may buy from them in the future. I can't really hate on them, they are providing a service to us for free and by doing so they may get some free word of mouth advertising, good for them, good for me so everyone benefits. Also, I can't speak for all dealers i've had a few bad experiences and a few good ones but I have had some dealers give me some free dinar when shipments arrived late due to fedex and no fault of their own so i will say my customer service experiences with dealers have been probably better than with many other businesses. Heck I'm currently dealing with a dispute over an airline screwing me over and I can tell you dinar dealers have treated me better than airlines.
  14. Again, looks as if every dealer has privacy policies, but your also assuming everyone is going to be rich, not a likely scenario imho
  15. Most businesses even dinar dealers have a privacy policy stating they will not sell your info. Also because the unique nature of the dinar i can't really think of another business which would even be interested in our data. dinar dealers are the least of your worries, even your states DMV and local government sell your information and thats for stuff like a drivers license and utilities which you can't even choose to go without, i think your dinar dealer selling your info is the least of your worries if your concerned about your info being sold. heck just being on the internet people are collecting and selling all types of info about you unless your doing your posting using proxies or something which i doubt many are
  16. I saw a post about a good price offered to sell your Dinar to exchange of America and started checking to see who's offering best price for dinar right now as far as us selling, and noticed exchange of America is DinarTrade, TampaDinar, DinarInc, and maybe more companies. This got me kind of curious, are there really a bunch of Dinar dealers out there or is it one or two giant company owning all these sub companies under different branding? I noticed on another site that Sterling Currency Group and Gid & Associates and DinarBanker all seem to be the same company as well. I used to think where were a dozen or more different Dinar dealers out there but it seems as if its like 2-3 dealers with just different branding. Corporation Name STERLING CURRENCY GROUP LLC Fictitious Names GID ASSOCIATES GID PARTNERS WWW.DINARBANKER.COM Doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but just thought it was funny we here are always talking about who to buy from, who we like, who we don't like, etc and it seems as if we are talking about the same company just differnet names lol
  17. Yeah I think if you know 100% your notes are in order, uncirculated and you have supporting documentation cashfordinars is definately the place to go for the best price. If timeliness is important I know safedinar typically pays out in about 3 days, buyiraqidinarhere had a check out to my friend the same day it arrived, though they did charge him $25 to expedite it. DealorbuyDinar is also very good they pay out in 24-48 hours I think they also offer an expedited option for $25 as well.. Sorry to hear your whole situation has taken awhile but at least your getting the quoted price which is nice. I've noticed earlier this week even the big dealers like dinartrade had their buying price as high as $960 for uncirculated.
  18. Honestly I wouldn't be thrilled with how long the entire process took if I were you as there are some companies getting people money within a day or two max, but you did mention they told you upfront two weeks so I guess if you were okay with it its fine it takes that long. One thing I would say in defense of cashfordinars is USPS does suck lol. Also USPS does not offer true tracking which can be deceptive. I sometimes sell xbox games on ebay or amazon and always have people screaming at me because they say I didn't ship their package. USPS only has to scan your package when its delivered not along the way so I may print a lable, it will tell the buyer the seller created a lable but never dropped it off. I really did drop it off but until or unless they scan it it will not show any updates. the only scan they are required to do is when they deliver it to your house but even then they those aren't always accurate.
  19. Was just curious if you wound up getting your payment yet and that everything went smooth?
  20. I'm still a Dinar believer, not really a "RV" believer. Never from the begining have I once believed that one day we would wake up millionaires. Stuff like that just doesn't happen. I guess sure someone hits it rich on a penny stock but rarely does it happen, and in the case of currency and Iraq I don't see tht happening. I bought in back in the very early days thinking this war torn country and currency is undervalued, if they get their country together maybe I make 2x, 3x what I put in. I never expected my $500 I paid for a million back in the early days to morph into a million bucks or more. This is taking longer than I expected but honestly to date I'm up a few hundred on my investment maybe more down the road, maybe it goes to nothing. I never expected it to take this long I figured in maybe 3-5 years after buying I sell my dinar for a few grand and make a few bucks. i'm still hoding on and I do see some interesting and positive things happening. Iraq got out of chapter 7. They are no longer doing auctions, not really sure what that means but anything different from the status quo of same rate and same acutions for 10 years anything diff has to be good in my mind. Also seems prices are rising and there's Dinar shortages. I'm hoping this is all a good sign of things to come. Some dealers just upped their prices to $925 and were not talking some smalltime dealer were talking like the Dinar Incs and Safe Dinars and Dinar Trades. thats a pretty big deal in my mind.
  21. Thanks for sharing. That said we hear so much about others friends and contacts, no offense but I take everything with a grain of salt. The global reset guy claims to have some tranlsater working for him who has worked for CNN and he backs it up. He is also someone who seems to not like Dinar Dealers or their practices so it would surprise me if he were in on some grand conspiracy for Dinar dealers to take back 50's at dirt cheap prices thorugh some scheme. I'm not saying he's the be all and end all of info, he could easily be misinformed himself but if anything funny were going on I would think we would see him doing some investigative report shooting holes in this rumor and he seems to be backing it up. Good point either way you came out ahead. In my mind I'd rather have more dinar overall than dinar in a specific denomination
  22. I never undstood the allure of buying small Dinar for 6 or 7 times the price of larger notes. I never believed larger notes would be taken out. The only other reason aside from believing that rumor that I can think of why someone would want smaller notes is hypothetically if rate came out at something crazy , if you swap out a 10,000 note the bank will report the transaction to the IRS where as someone with smaller amounts could potentially cash out a little here and a little there and evade reporting requirements. I've even heard some outright say this is why on forums. I get paying taxes sucks and we may have our own moral or ethical objections to givng money to this corrupt government of ours, however if you have that much cash is it worth going to prison for tax evasion over a couple bucks when your rich beyond your wildest dreams either way? Thats why Ithink its stupid to do this and even stupider to publicly admit this is your plan as many have done lol.
  23. This is easy enough if your an Iraqi Citizen or live in Iraq, however for majority of us living here in the states its not quite that easy. We could easily have been charged fees for trading out notes but fortunately a few sellers have offered programs for us to do this free of charge. Like Limopeter said however I am still not 100% sold this is official. I see DinarInc and some other sites claiming to have had an interpreter read documents but honestly unless we speak arabic we don't know if what we are being told is true. I questoin not only is this really happening but will the 50 notes really be worthless or will they stop printing but still honor them in which case we are swapping out for no reason. I'm still not sure whether this is true or not but here is an article done by the global reset blog guy who seems to be against Dinar dealers so I would say unbiased third party... Here's reportedly the translation from Dinarinc... I would be hesitant to read something comming directly from a dealer, however it seems to be backed up by some other sources. I was very skeptical at first but am pretty much believing it at this point. If anyone knows an arabic speaker it could be helpful. The English version oft he CBI site is always out of date in my experience. I don't believe they have anything posted about the new 5,000 10,000 or 25,000 notes yet they are clearly out. They don't show the coins yet they are clearly out. The arabic version of the CBI site seems to be more up to date, I can't read arabic and don't really trust the google translate type trnaslaters but if anyone knows how to read arabic that may shed some more light on this situation. This was my biggest concern. First off I'm not completely sold this is accurate but starting to believe 50's are going away. Even if this is true my second question is will old 50 notes retain their value and are still official or are they wiped out? Canada did away with the penny in 2014 and won't be printing anymore but you can still spend them indefinately, could Iraq be the same? As for people losing value on the old 50 notes, that's investing, some people rolled the dice paying more thinking the very same thing that happenned to their 50s could happen to 25,000's. They guessed wrong and they are going to lose out a bit in hte sense they didnt have to pay that premium and could have just bought 25,000 notes. On the bright side however Dinarinc is buying them so though they are losing the premium paid for small notes at least they do have the ability to swap out for biger stuf which in the end will be worth the same as what they would have had in 50s anyway
  24. I'm confused are you saying Bank of America is buying Dinar? If so that's great news
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