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  1. Not at all, you have eBay and Paypal buyer protection for 3 months may even be as long as 6 months now. It's very easy to check the notes. Also, I've yet to hear a single credible story about anyone finding a counterfeit note. To counterfeit something there has to be a broad market to dump it on, with Dinar there's what a handful of dealers, no banks, no currency exchanges. If someone is going to counterfeit money they're going to do Euros or Pounds not Dinar. Worth much more and much easier to dump on banks and currency exchanges across the world.
  2. I'm not in the market for Dinar but may pickup a little more at these prices, I saw a completed listing on eBay $150 for over 500,000, granted it was circulated and a mixed lot or notes from 250 all the way up but thats like $300 per million.
  3. Not a bad price but you can buy on ebay all day long at under $700
  4. That's not that discounted as that BuyIRR site which I think is the same as that cash for dinars is selling uncirculated for $799 and circulated for $749. I know some on here have had some issues with them so may some may be hesitant to buy from them but those are pretty good prices.
  5. I think when they say sell rate they are referring to you selling to them,not what they sell at. They sell at $940 to $960, they buy in at $723 or whatever it is. I believe when they say today sell rate however they are referring to you selling to them. That may be where the confusion is with someone saying someone is selling at $699, I find it hard to believe any dealer is selling that cheap but I'd definately be a buyer at that price.
  6. I think Sterling was the only dealer with that policy and if you watch some of their Youtube videos it seems as if they try to blame it on Dinar Corp as if they don't want to buy back from someone who bought from a "shady" dealer. If you checkout IraqiDinar.Org you can see Sterling and DinarCorp were fueding for years. Anyhow, DinarInc has openly stated they welcome Sterling customers to sell back to them and most other dealers will also buy from anyone regardless if you bought from them or not. That is the price they buy in at, I was curious who was selling at $699 which is what VizioIraqi mentioned. That seems way too low but I'd buy some up at that price.
  7. What dealer is selling for $699 per million? That's by far the lowest price I've ever seen offered by a dealer. Almost can't go wrong at that price thats like $166 under the offical value. There's soem dealers paying more than that, wouldn't mind buying some for $699 and just turning around and selling back to a dealer.
  8. Typically this would be a bad thing. If you expected your currency to get stronger you would actually want lower notes not higher notes. If you think your going to experience more inflation or have a weaker currency you would want larger notes. Vietnam had talked about rolling out a million note. Reason being it's too hard to conduct large commerce when your biggest note is worth 40 bucks or so. They wound up devaluing their currency 2%, the aim was to make trading with them more attractive to other countries and boost their rice and fishing industries. Apparently it has worked htey stopped the devaluing and are no longer rolling out a million note. If Iraq comes out with a 50,000 and 100,000 note that would probably signal things either aren't getting strong or are getting worse. If they were to continue comming out with small notes or getting rid of the larger that would signal the economy was probably getting stronger. Obviously were all reading into this but comparing it to the VIetnam situation I would say it wouldn't be good if they roll out larger.
  9. Just saw a posting on DinarDaily regarding sterling issuing an upcomming statement. The long and the short of it they said the government basically has all their US Dollars and control over their bank accounts as well as all their currency and office equipment. They said they have requested the government release some money or Dinar so they can settle up with people who had outstanding orders but said the government has refused. You can read it over at Dinar Daily but it gave the impression they will not be comming back anytime soon if ever. They did maintain their "innocence" of the allegations and said they have worked and complied with government for years.
  10. I just commented this same thing on another post but as with everything supply and demand. More people selling than buying equals lower price. If anyone listened to the DinarInc call the other week they pointed this out on the call. A few months back during the Dinar shortages dealers were paying near $1,000 per million which is way above official rate so you have to time your buying and selling.
  11. A few months back when there were Dinar shortages most dealers were paying upwards of $1,000 per milllion. Now after the Sterling news probably less people buying and more people selling. It's simple supply and demand. If your not happy with that price don't buy or sell to them. Even a company like Travelex sells Euros at $1.56 and buys them back at $1.11 and that's a common largely traded currency. Something not even on forex there's not as much a market for so you'd expect to pay larger spreads. I think currency dealers get a bad rap. Checkout travelex yelp reviews and everyone calls them a ripoff. Only difference is their margins are publicly posted. I don't see anyone on here crying about the pair of shoes they paid $100 for that only cost $0.50 cents to make. If you wanna talk robbery look at their prices if you want to buy by credit card. Something like a $200 premium on a million last I checked. That said I guess if you want the convenience of paying by card you have to decide if its worth $200 bucks.
  12. dont bother paying for insurnace when shipping dinar, post office has a long list of items they specifically do not insure and money, silver, gift cards, etc are some of them us cash or foreign, so a claim wont be paid even if you buy insurance.
  13. Since the author isn't using their real name who knows if they are even a Dinar dealer. Could just be a lopster who realized this is a goog profitable niche to write a book about. Half the people involved in the blogs and stuff about Dinar don't even give a crap about the Dinar, they are internet markters who write about or blog about anything with high paying keywords. I'm not convinced it's actually a dealer. I wouldn't waste my money on the book but if anyone does would love to hear what its about or if there's anything really juicy the supposed dealer spills about.
  14. Curious if anyone can confirm this? A buddy of mine mentioned on DinarUpdates that DinarCorp was offering to buy 50 notes at $55 per bundle or stack or whatever you call a bank band of (100) notes. Is this true? My buddy bought a few cheap bundles of them off ebay in hopes of selling them for a profit to Dinarcorp and was told they are retracting the promotion so now he's stuck with about $300 worth of 50 notes. I couldn't find anything on the site about this. Was curious if anyone else saw this ad or thread or was aware of it? If so what does this mean? Is there something going on with the 50 ntoes we don't know about?
  15. agreed most dealers are selling for around a thousand doubt you'll get it as a private seller with no cert, receipts and not being sure if they are circulated or un. im assuming if you dont know and if you got them in country they are circulated. you maybe be able to get betwen 800 and 900 on ebay minus ebay and paypal fees probably more than a dealer or anyone on here would do for it
  16. Sorry I wasn't trying to be mr know it all, just wanted people to understand Fedex COD doesn't mean you'll get what you pay for or anything at all, it simply means you will get an envelope delivered, that envelope could be empty, could contain monopoly money, could be short Dinar. Just didn't want anyone lulled into a false sense of security because I know several people who have been burned using COD. I get the feeling people trust COD and it's really not a gurantee of receiving goods. Also, that link you sent just talks about a successful transaction, doesn't really mention COD. Honestly I think Paypal probably makes for hte most secure transactoin, either that or using a service like, however Paypal is pretty simple to use and most people already have paypal accounts so I'd lean towards paypal.
  17. This is not correct, Paypal charges 2.9% plus 0.30 cents. You do not get to "inspect" a package with COD. You must hand the driver the check before you get the package. You do not get to open the package and count the notes before handing over the check. COD doesn't gurantee you get Dinar or the correct amount of Dinar. All it gurantees is you get an envelope, it could contain monopoly money. I've ordered from DinarTrade COD several times in the past and this is how it has always worked. Also, I know several people who have had bad experiences with Fedex COD. Drivers have delivered packages without getting checks and in some cases they have taken personal checks instead of cashiers checks. I would not recommend Fedex COD. its expensive and really doesn't provide any added security or peace of mind due to how it works and also due to Fedex drivers being dunces and not doing their job properly.
  18. Up until recently I had heard mainly positive things about cashfordinars, I think christixd or something like that used to go on and on and on about how great they were but I also knew some people who sold to them and despite not getting the promised amount all got paid and got paid quickly. One thing that I think upsets many people, though they are upfront about it is if your notes are not in order they consider them circulated and give you hundreds less even if the notes are crisp and new. None the less they do mention this on their checklist you send in so just in terms of that people have themselves to blame if they don't check the serial numbers. If you have all your stuff in order cash for dinars was not a bad way to go, however if you don't have your notes in order, certificate, receipts, etc don't bother with them as you'll wind up getting $700 or lower may as well go with another dealer who may only promise $800 or so but will actually give you the promised amount. If you do have your stuff in order cash for dinars does pay the most. All that said it seems recently they are having some issues with customer service and getting checks out, I saw someone the other day saying they've been waiting almost 2 months. That's also pretty crappy they sent back different notes than he sent in and also shorted him. Did he happen to have any pictures of his notes or did he write down the serial numbers so he can dispute it with them? One last thing, for anyone wondering what your notes serial numbers are here is a chart. One word of caution, I called DinarCorp a long time ago yelling at them for giving me fake notes, come to find out I had to apologize and looked like an idiot lol. The 2 and 3 in arabic look almost identical so I thought two of my notes had the same serial number but in reality they did not. It does seem like at least at this point until they get their act together even if someone else is going to give you $50 or $100 less than cash for dinars it's probably better to go with someone else and actually get your money in a reasonable amount of time. I knwo some dealers have a check to you within 24 hours of them receiving your Dinar.
  19. Most currency exchanges do not buy Dinar and if you find one who does expect $600 per million. As someone else posted as a new member to the forum and some people having been burned on here your probably not going to get any bites and the chances of finding a local party aren't nearly as good as selling to anyone and shipping. Do you have Paypal? Offer paypal as payment and buyer will feel better about transactoin. If you don't have Paypal you can use a site like for a fee
  20. Great point, any certificate can be paired with any Dinar. I've yet to see one that mentioned the serial number on the notes on the cert as well.
  21. when word origionally came down about the 50 notes i was also hearing that 250 and 500 may go away. any truth to that or no?
  22. sorry to hear about that 45 days is absolutely unacceptable, they'd be getting cussed out and a big earful from me if i was in your shoes. that said it may make you feel better to know certain industries do have lots of problems with banking such as currency exchanges, gun stores, pawn shops, bitcoin businesses, atm routes and more.... so it is a known thing they may not be scamming you, may legimitaely have a problem getting a bank account or with their current bank account. still sucks you dont have your money but hopefully they will make things right and hopefully even give you a little extra once things are settled with them.
  23. a simple google search you can find lots of graphics showing what security features should look like. theres also alot of threads of discussons on this topic as well. really main thing to check for is horse head watermark, security thread and that it glows under black light. if you have those things which are super easy to check for your 99.9999999% all good unless you have some crazy good made iranian fake. everyone is all hyped up about fake dinar. honestly why would someone counterfeit one of the most security feature rich and hard to fake notes out there which is one of the least valuable? if i was gonna make fake money I'd pick sum south american country with a stronger currency with little security features. why go for the hardest one with the least return? not saying counterfeits dont exist but i dont think its as big of a problem as people worry about.
  24. dont worry about a certificate. if i bought dinar from dinartrade and then printed up some fake dinar on my computer i could easily pair my dinar trade cert with my fake printed dinar. these certificates are a novelty and serve no practical purpose unless they state the serial # of the dinar they were issued for. if they dont have that any cert can be paired with any dinar and it means nothing.
  25. Not "most big currency dealers" any currency dealer MUST be licensed with the treausry, its not optional.. That said that does not mean they sell legit bills. The treasury themself say on the registration forms that simply having a license is not an endorsement. Lets say ABCDinar buys in Dinar from the general public and resells it on their website. One would hope they check the notes with a de la rue but we really don't know. Buying from a reputable dealer is probably safer than buying from jim smith selling out of his basement on ebay but it doesn't mean you'll get legit bills for sure. As for tellers looking stuff up, as someone who has worked in a bank you put way too much stock in tellers. They are basically min wage cashiers and most know little to nothing about foreign money
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