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  1. For those of you who decide to just post comments BEFORE reading, he was just asking for a guesstimate. It's not like he asked for you to post how much is in your inventory or better yet, your address WOW defensive a bit? Calm down It sure is better to take a break to participate in a poll than having to deal with ALL this "guru" nonsense.
  2. What site did this come from? And why would someone neg this post? It's not the their speculation... it was pulled from another site... D U H. Or maybe it was a neg directed toward the "info".... just a thought.
  3. No worries, there were rumors out there that DB wasn't selling either.
  4. Thanks for the post. I too called to see whether or not they were still selling, and what to you know, they are. It amazes me how people just sit around and listen to the "gurus" provide all of this false information and believe every word they say, rather than call the source directly for their information. Not trying to be mean, but most of these people need to get a life!
  5. You can say that again! Anyone can say what they THINK is going to happen, but I won't believe anything until I see it with my own eyes.
  6. I haven't heard any news of the 25,000 notes being counterfeited, let others tell it, it's almost impossible.
  7. When you find someone who can give you some straight answers on this site...well let's just keep it at good luck.
  8. Yes, you've definitely answered your own question. I have though about this before as well, but I don't think the dealers would sell currency and not have some set aside for themselves. Doesn't really make sense to me!
  9. Remember that you can't believe everything you hear.
  10. And let the church say AMEN! That is so true!
  11. Please excuse my ignorance, I am by the way new to a lot of this and I have a question about the new buzz floating around here... Why is everyone so happy about a change in the value of the US currency? Last time I checked, weren't we supposed to be happy about a change for IQD? How in the world do they go hand in hand? All this talk has me a little confused.
  12. Finally, someone with some sense!
  13. You guys do realize that websites go down with there being some secret reason as to why. I'm just saying you guys shouldn't get all excited thinking this has something to do with an RV.. Don't get upset, it's just my personal opinion.
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