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  1. So your saying you didn't vote for Obummer? I guess I need to go back & research your past post.
  2. Is that why you vote democrat? How's that working out for you Maggie?
  3. DB don't waste your time with libtards, their too far gone.
  4. When this country votes for the democrats this is what you get! I would have thought the people here would have learned their lesson with that buffoon Jimmy Carter. Obviously not! Amazes me how stupid a large number of people are here in the USA. No wonder we are the laughingstock of the world right now.
  5. I see your still crazy as ever Shabs! Ha
  6. One thing I can say with a clear conscience, I didn't vote for that c*** sucker!
  7. Even if that happens, which it won't, they will LOP 3 zeros. At least it would result in at least a double.
  8. We need to kill them all! These hypocritical cave dwelling bastards have to be exterminated! This world is nothing short of evil. Thanks for the post umbertino. People need to be aware of what we are dealing with, no matter how horrible.
  9. Adam, I always knew you were conservative. Thanks for the post. You are the main reason I have stuck with this investment through the years. Your a good man!
  10. We must all stick together as Americans! It is our personal responsibility to hold ourselves accountable to our families in and out side our homes. We are christian brothers & sisters no matter what political affiliation we follow. I know I do not come across as a saint but I am a christian that is ready to fight to the death for other Americans. This is a scary world if we stand alone, but if we stand together we will always win because we are Americans.
  11. Funny how Bush was so stupid and obummer is so smart. What a joke.
  12. So true brother. We need to stand together. After we are the majority! And yes I'm white if you couldn't tell
  13. Pomeranians, man I don't like those dogs but I sure wouldn't want to eat one!
  14. Ha funny Shabs. I'm actually going to Aberdeen Saturday for a weeks stay on business. It will be interesting to talk to the people there to hear there views. From past experiences there, the Scots I've worked with in the past have a big problem with being under the rule of England. By that, what I mean is that Scotland votes for what England chooses for them. If I were Scottish I would definitely vote for independence. Especially with the way England has squandered everything it has touched since Thatcher left office.
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