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  1. Obama has failed the USA. He is an absolute disgrace to this great nation and the world. Nothing else needs to be said. Obama is nothing but George Soros' puppet on a string.
  2. Hi Adam in your professional opinion, do you think to longer Shabbabi waits to RV their currency will or could this damage the stability of the country to the eventual point of total collapse? Also could this undermine the world's confidence to reduce loans and investments into Iraq? I appreciate and respect your knowledge. Thanks
  3. Obama and Al maliki just affirmed Iraqi growth will supass China & India's in the coming months and years. This is huge! This RV has to happen soon. They also affirmed Iraqs full sovereignty and full military and trading partnerships. We are finally arriving at our goals. We will soon be golden. If you need to here it for yourself, go to for the entire speech
  4. Hi Adam, there has been many rumors the IQD RV in country. I don't take these rumors seriously because have I not heard from you. Can you give any insight to the ongoing process?
  5. If you live & travel in California, you should feel right at home. There are almost as many losers there!
  6. If it wasn't for us (USA), they would still be sitting in the dirt and riding camels. When we finally get rid of this idiot we call a president and get someone with a spine, those morons are in for a rude awakening.
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