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  1. Hopefully Airforce One will nose dive into the ground soon. Then we could have that other buffoon run the rest of the country into the ground, what little is left.
  2. Take it easy? These are the inbreads that we're celebrating in the streets when the twin towers were destroyed by the very terrorist that they support. If you feel so bad for them why don't you go live with them fool. You and you kind are part of the problem here in this multi-cultured nightmare called the USA. When the **** finally hits a fan here you will have to pick sides. I've already picked mine.
  3. Freakin unbelievable! Let's just do away with marriage between a man & a women. *** is the way right? This is a sign of the times.
  4. Anyone that supports Palestine is a POS. To hell with those in-bread scumbags. We should kill them all and let God sort them out. That goes for Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  5. Donald is the only candidate for the job! The problem is most men in this country are cowards that are led around by their women. Pathetic losers doesn't even describe the definition of these spineless xxxxxxx.
  6. He's a black libtard, that's how. We need a full blown war to purge these liberals from existence.
  7. Good post 8th! I agree this country was build by great men & women through the principles of God. IMO it's too late to turn back, primarily with the coming financial crisis. It is now just a matter of time before the USD will crash. All we can do is prepare ourselves with reducing our exposure to the $. I personally have been planning for this in several ways. When this happens, I fear to think of what will take place. But one thing for sure, it's not going to be good.
  8. He's definitely the best candidate for the office. Unfortunately mindless liberal cowards don't believe anything that is even remotely true. They live in a bubble of lies. American society is a lost cause. These are the morons that will be standing like sheep at the miles long ATM machine lines when the financial collapse happens ie Greece. My dogs have more sense than these idiots.
  9. Snow I'm 53 and have other investments I have been semi-successful in. I actually have reduced my position here but still have a lot of dinars. I pray this works out for us all. I've always been a speculator not really an investor. This is definitely a speculation that I have put quite a bit of money into. I really feel eventually they will do something to increase the value. I just hope I out live the event.
  10. Just RV the currency to .1 to the USD and I'm officially retired
  11. Can anyone tell me where I can sell 7MM Iraqi dinars. I'm not selling out just reducing my position into more gold & silver. Thanks. I live in the Houston. The dinars were purchases at Sterling Currency Group, formerly Dinar Banker. You can IM me if you need. Thanks again. PS: the currency has been verified legit.
  12. As long as we have our assault weapons we will be fine.
  13. This is one reason Obummer and these liberals have taken over. Braindead imbeciles like this.
  14. Wow this is really sad. God I feel for those people. Iranians are kind of like us, they expect a better life. Tehran was once a great city. Iran has been ruined by these extremist.
  15. This country sits and watches innocent people get slaughtered because we have a coward Muslim for a president. Pathetic!
  16. It's good to see young people fighting these liberal POS! I only thing missing in this story is these kids beating the ***** out of these administrators. If my kids didn't kick their asses, they would get their asses kicked when they got home.
  17. The only thing I follow is the U.S. Constitution. I set my own rules and uphold them with my assault weapons that I would die for with no hesitation. This mess in this country will be dealt with eventually by the people. Look at past history. There has always been a breaking point in societies worldwide including here. Any real American no matter what color you are should stand together and fight. If you are a true American you will when the time comes. Otherwise you a will be considered a coward that stands for nothing.
  18. Compare prosperity in the world. Do I need to explain? World history doesn't lie. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows why this world has advanced. Political correctness is a joke! But in the end it won't matter anyway. Good will conquer evil in the end but one thing is for sure the top half of America is the reason why this world still exist beyond the Stone Age. So all you *uckin moron liberals should leave and save the world with your cowardice appeasement of the rest of this mess. The rest of you can go to hell and I will stay in Texas.
  19. LGD if all had common sense as you I think this speculation would be realistic to the followers of BS. My youngest daughter has more common sense than these people. Amazing! But in these times, nothing surprises me anymore.
  20. Haha hey Dive I listen to hard rock rock/heavy metal on my Harley & my car that has an incredible stereo system. Needless to say after all these years, I have constant ringing in my ears and perminant hearing loss. But hey, what the hell, I love loud heavy music. There is always consequences to pay for any excess. Have fun & be careful brother.
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