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  1. Just another corrupt big government RINO bastard. These people are almost as bad as scumbag democrats.
  2. All the talk about gun control is a joke! No matter what those dumb *******s in Washington do is irrelevant. The constitution is all that matters. Anyone that attempts to disarm me will be hauled off by the local coroners office.
  3. We need a world war and IS is providing the opportunity! Sounds like a good plan. KTA!
  4. We need to kill them all! Obummer has inflated racism. I myself know black people that are better than most whites. Just vote democrat to prove your a racist. It's obvious.
  5. That club owner should tell them to ***k off! What a joke! The problem is that the truth hurts!! Hahaha
  6. Trump & Cruz = USA dream team!!!!! I pray for this to happen. They would destroy all the crap Obummer the demo's & RHINO's have created!!
  7. That would make too much sense for this country. Everything is ass backwards
  8. Yes and we have a socalled president that supports thuggery. He just signed an executive order where applicants to federal jobs do not have to list their criminal past. Our socalled president is a thug and a coward that does not support our police & military.
  9. Hi Shabs! The real punishment for the war criminals is when they have to face their creator.
  10. Good luck and God bless your wife and your family. I just lost my father. Its been really hard on my mother. I'm praying for your family.
  11. k98 i'm working in Calgary right now. These imbeciles just elected another obummer. Socialist coward. Obummer is a coward. Putin is a man, although commy, at least he has balls! Obummer is a pathetic example of a person. Nothing but a POS
  12. Safe Dinar is offering $723.00 Uncirculated.
  13. Yes I bought at Sterling Bank. The government has them locked down.
  14. I live in the Houston area. Uncirculated notes for $800 per million. Thanks
  15. Bring it on thugs. 1st of all your inferior brains along with your spineless claims scare no one. At least the ones like me that have an arsonel of weapons. I go no where without one in the chamber of my variety of semi-auto pistols. I look forward to any opportunity to use if I have to. Talks cheap racist thugs. These sub-human morons need to be gunned down in the streets. No jails needed. Wake up people. PS: My pistol of choice is my H&K 45 cal pistol. Otherwise one of my assault rifles will be suffice. Ha
  16. I'm sure they will blame to APD and demonize them while saying what an upstanding person this despicable thug is. All this crap in the USA will eventually blow up in their faces when people finally pick up their weapons and make a stand.
  17. This couldn't happen any better to a bunch of ragheads. Saudi Arabia deserves this and then some.
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