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  1. As stupid as Arabs are, they are not this stupid. This would be suicide.
  2. I have been holding gold & silver for many years. I hope it works out.
  3. Sick world we live in. Our Police & Military are being spit on by this government. Sad state of affairs!
  4. Thanks Adam. I pray for everyone here something good happens. 2015 was a disaster for me and my family. I pray this year is different.
  5. RV me thanks for who you are! I just wished there were more people like you in this country.
  6. Sarge, I think we have a better chance to win the Power Ball than getting an RV. Believe me I want an RV as much as anyone else. Not trying to be negative.
  7. Reelemfast I agree. Iraq is in a quagmire that isn't going to be solved anytime soon IMO. Note: I did pass a lie detector test years ago.... and I was lying. No serious offense but I did pass.
  8. Very jealous! DB its ok that was me being an idiot. Just trying to lighten the mood brother. Your all good!
  9. Don't know but as ridiculous as it is, there are some out there that will probably belief it. Poor bastards
  10. Haha that's good clown!!!
  11. If this RV ever happens it would be in Ramadi. Ramadi is in ashes. Haha
  12. No problem brother. Just being honest.
  13. I have a friend in Ramadi that says that the RV is about to happen. He works in a bank there. He says its one of the many banks there saying the RV is imminent. This is a rumor but I think its about to happen. He says we can cash out there also.
  14. A .10 RV would immediately put me in retirement. I can only hope & pray!
  15. Yes when Google is involved, it will be a liberal assault. Megan Kelly is a POS.
  16. She may be knowledgeable but she has lied before about an RV happening. She thinks that Iraq will RV 1:1. Yea right, that would cost Iraq a huge amount of money they don't have!. We will be lucky if we ever see an RV of any kind that's in our favor. So far its RV'ing in the wrong direction.
  17. Hey Adam I read that he said he will attend a Wounded Warriors event that he is putting together instead. I think he is going to win no matter what he does. People are sick of these lying career politicians.
  18. Dog obummer has been doing this since he became president. This coward is the scourge of the world. This country is not respected by any other country because of him. There is no telling what he is going to pull next with a year left in his position. Anyone who voted for this clown in '12 deserves what they get. Unfortunately its us that has to suffer with these *uckin libtards.
  19. Obummer is the worst so-called prez that this country has ever had!
  20. It's all about LF baby!!!!
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